The Final Karmic Square – Sep 10

On Saturday morning we will have the final Square of Saturn to Neptune for the next 15+ years. Saturn and Neptune are the 2 Karmic Planets of the 3rd Dimension. The Square creates a 3D response interpersonally for most of us. The pain and agony was very hard for many to manage as they bit the apple and plunged into the agony of it all.

Yet, there were those of us who felt the energy, but responded differently to it. Acceptance and awareness of the energies allows us to watch it play out without the emotional responses so characteristic of 3D and 4D.

In 5D, all you can do is FEEL IT and recognize its all just a lower consciousness energy that we don’t have to stay in. The duality of Karma is merely that… a mirror image of our ‘desires’ played out in both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ version.

That is what the energy CREATES… a mirror so you can SEE the difference between the levels of consciousness.

As the 3rd and final ‘Closing Square’ of Saturn’s cycle with Neptune, we can expect to see some crazy shifts and turns as we get the ‘ah ha’ moment of it all.

If your lover ‘cheated’ on you, keep in mind that separation consciousness IS 3D. In 5D, that ‘other’ is just a projection of yourself that is seen in a 3D vibration. The Soul can’t ‘cheat’ on itself πŸ˜‰

Already the energies are beginning to settle down as we look for RESOLUTION of any Karmic Duality we bought into since the first Square last Nov 26.

How their Squares hit your reality/life is shown by the Houses where you have Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces Transiting. They will meet at 10:24 degrees of the respective Signs on Saturday. But their 1st Square was at 7:02 on Nov 26, 2015 and the 2nd Square at 12:02 on Jun 17, 2016.

Likely you have each Square in the same House, but not always.

Since March, the Saturn/Neptune Squares have played a part in a T-Square (and at times a Mutable Grand Cross) with the Nodes of Fate Transiting Virgo/Pisces.

It just so happens this T-Square was emptying the energy into the empty corner of a Square around 10-12 Gemini.. my Natal Psyche. Over the last week or so, when I stopped writing daily, the Transiting Nodes of Fate at 12+ Virgo have been Square my Psyche (Soul-mind) and Conjunct my Natal North Node in Virgo. A Virgo North Node needs to STAY BUSY. And the Saturn/Neptune/North Node T-Square has made communication a challenge! Writing AND speaking.

There has been one friend who follows this blog who has been going through almost exactly the same things as I have as her Psyche is exactly Opposite mine and a close friend of hers has his Psyche Conjunct mine! Its been wild to see how things have occurred almost simultaneously!!

And I have encountered some very wonderful new contacts of people at a distance from me (Sagittarius) who I have shared Soulful stuff with.

I hope you have found these 3 Squares to be very helpful in some ways. And that you can see that it is merely a play of energies and not your real world tilting out of control.

On Saturday, Jupiter will ingress Libra and we will feel a big shift there as well. We will be developing higher consciousness around RELATING… not Relationship, but Relating-ships. Don’t buy into Linear Time!! As that is all a 3D vibration!

We are still in the Eclipse wormhole of Rapid Change! On the 16th we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24:20 Pisces. AND Mercury is still Retrograde.

Will try to get back to writing, but I must honor the energies. I’m grateful to hear from any of you as you are inspired πŸ™‚

PS – Adrienne and Steve, the Adam and Eve of my photo here, got married a few weeks ago! They have a strong Soulful connection.

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