Prelude to an Eclipse – Aug 31

Snapshot: There is some magic between the sexes occurring late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. But the rest of the day, as the Moon applies to Conjunct the Sun creating the Eclipse on Thursday morning, we will have some clarifying awareness between our ‘work/service’ and our personal path to freedom.

At 5:30am on Wednesday, Venus at 1:36 Libra Quintiles Mars at 13:36 Sagittarius

Here there is a magical harmony between the sexes and their pursuit of a relating-ship or vacation or long-distance trip. There is magical, refined beauty and expansive, courageous actions. Enjoy it while it lasts.

At 10:09pm the Sun at 9:05 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Retrograde at 24:05 Aries.

Here we have to make some adjustment before an ease will follow. It will be some adjustment to the way we work or serve and our own needs for personal freedom. The revelation will allow you to see what needs adjusting so let it all sink it. If it is unexpected and even shocking, it is Uranus so go for it! Go for the CHANGE that needs to be made as the Eclipse on Thursday morning will usher in some RAPID CHANGE.

Perhaps tonight you will SEE what CHANGE you will be pursuing.

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