Eclipse of the Sun – Sep 1

Snapshot: We are all do a super-charged FRESH START as of Sep 1. It will occur around work, health, service and living situations for all of us and the people involved in this will be determined by the Houses where have 9:21 Virgo.

At 5:03am on Thursday morning, the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 9:21 Virgo in a Solar Eclipse. There are many technical terms that can describe this Solar Eclipse, but I don’t feel the need to ‘wow’ you with my intellect 😉 I care more about what is going on in my life and yours and really don’t even try to ‘watch’ an Eclipse. The feeling of it is far more exciting to me.

The really cool thing about this Eclipse is that it will finally bring us some conscious manifestation of our hidden FRESH START of the March 8 Solar Eclipse. We are reaching the axis of subconscious being manifested which is the ROLE of Virgo in the Zodiac Wheel.

Are you SEEING the changes you thought that you would? Did you have any idea what these changes might look like? Do you feel some relief at there being something to show for all of the energy you seemed to be moving towards that just wouldn’t show itself yet?

Since Spring there have been so many job changes, and BIG ONES where people left jobs they have been in since the last Eclipses across Virgo and Pisces, anywhere from 9-18.5 years ago.

This Eclipse has the Sun and Moon Conjunct the North Node in Virgo and puts both luminaries in the T-Square energy with the Nodes of Fate, Saturn at the apex and Neptune Conjunct the South Node. This T-Square is pouring the energy into the empty corner of a ‘square’ in Gemini where many have felt depressed for some time now. Or they have experienced some duality showing up in their lives that they hadn’t anticipated. Gemini is where ‘duality’ and Karma begins. The Saturn/Neptune Squares have brought up some Karmic fears for many as a Square creates 3D separation consciousness.

While we have left the Age of Karma –Piscean Age, we are still subject to feeling 3D energies from time-to-time. Consciousness can help us to rise out of the lower vibrations of 3D and to maintain some Soul Awareness.

The last Saturn/Neptune Square is applying very strongly right now and will exact on Sep 10. At that time, we will be nearing the 3rd Eclipse of this cycle, a Lunar Eclipse at 24:20 Pisces. This Eclipse will have the Moon Conjunct Chiron and the Sun Opposes Chiron. It may not be the easiest of energies to navigate so get your 5D consciousness on now so you can manage it.

By late Thursday night, the Sun will Square Saturn giving us some clarity about what has been going on with the Karmic Squares of Saturn and Neptune.

At 11:22pm the Sun at 10:05 Virgo Squares Saturn at 10:05 Sagittarius.

Here we will have some clarity around the morphing reality that Saturn/Neptune Squares has been creating. They have ended or dissolved some structures in your life, but the Sun is showing you what is taking its place. See what you can SEE as the Sun illuminates this energy for you.

Until Sunday night, the Sun will remain in tight orb to the T-Square players showing us so much of what has been going on. What has been the Soul-Level lesson the Nodes of Fate has been trying to show us they were in the T-Square with Saturn and Neptune? What Karmic structures are we ending in order for some new philosophical structures to take their place?

That is what you need to be seeing over the next few days. Armed with this clarity, you can move forward to the new FRESH START the Eclipse has in store for you. Set your goals according to the clarity you receive.

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