New Lifestyle Goals – Aug 22

Snapshot: Sunday may have been quiet for you as there were no aspects made between the Transiting Planets. Though you likely may have had some Personal Aspects. Monday starts off early with loads of communication around work and our new lifestyle of ‘being’. At noon, our goals will suddenly become focused on work rather than play. By dinnertime, you will have to adjust your new work goals to some authorities plans for you in order to create an ease.

At 5:05am Mercury at 26:13 Virgo Conjuncts Jupiter at 26:13 Virgo.

Mercury is moving far away from the Sun as he nears his Retrograde Station on Aug 30. So he is carried away with himself and full of ideas that have no real basis in reality (Sun). But Conjunct Jupiter means he is connecting to some Higher Mind energy and is, perhaps more reliable. However, Jupiter can easily expand his vanity if you are not staying in 5D response to the energies. You will find yourself speaking about your new lifestyle philosophy… the one Jupiter helped you create over the last year. Are you living up to the new philosophy? Or are you contradicting yourself while thinking that you ARE?

Words around work and health will be expansive and optimistic. Check in with your Higher Mind, Jupiter, to be sure you are not just blowing hot air.

At 12:45pm the Sun ingresses Virgo.

You can sense the shift as you begin to leave behind all the fun of the summer and start to set goals for what you want to get done this month and moving forward. This is a month where work and service are highlighted. We will start to become much clearer about what is ahead at the Solar Eclipse of Sep 1. We are in the Eclipse wormhole and the changes will be taking shape very soon, though you likely (or should be) in tune with what some of those changes may be. People have been leaving jobs they have been in for years… maybe even 18.5 years since the last Eclipse cycle occurred like this. Or more likely the last 9 years  or so when the Eclipses were landing across Pisces and Virgo as well.

The Sun in Virgo wants to organize, serve and just plain get busy.  But you will start to become clearer around that new lifestyle philosophy Jupiter’s Transit through Virgo has been helping you form. Take the time on Monday to plan your upcoming month keeping in mind what you sense may be occurring as a result of the Solar Eclipse.

At 5:55pm the Sun at 0:13 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Retrograde at 15:13 Capricorn.

If you have made your plans around your lunch hour today, you are now ready to see how some authority type may be requiring you to change them a bit. Make the adjustment to their ideas or authority and an ease will set in.

The Sun made an adjustment to Pluto on Aug 7 from the Sign of Leo. And then the Sun made a Biquintile to Pluto on Aug 13, again from Leo. Pluto has been sitting on 15+ degrees Capricorn for a few weeks and is slowing down for his Direct Station on Sep 27 at 14:46 Capricorn. As this aspect occurs today, there may be some thread of this story that is connected to each of the Sun’s aspects to Pluto after the last few weeks. Pluto’s authority (Capricorn) is a bit weaker right now as he is Retrograde. Try to see the adjustment you make to today that brings an ease so you can keep in better touch with Pluto’s antics up ahead… like in early Oct when the Sun will Square Pluto… their Closing Square as they will end their annual cycle in January as the Sun Conjuncts Pluto again.

As you begin to FEEL each aspect, then move onto tracking cycles made between Planets and soon you will begin to see how our reality is created! Its more important to FEEL the Planets than it is to study (Mercury mind in 3D) Astrology 😉

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