Where Were YOU?… When Saturn Went Direct

Snapshot: Saturn Stationed Direct at 5:50am on Saturday morning, August 13th. Did you notice the shift? Have you been feeling a bit differently since then? Like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders?

Saturn Stationed Direct at 9:47 Sagittarius. The last time Saturn was on this degree was on Dec 19, 2015. That is when Saturn entered Phase 1 of his Retrograde cycle. Just before his Retrograde Station, on Nov 26, Saturn had his 1st exact Square to Neptune at 7:02 Sagittarius/Pisces respectively. Neptune had just Stationed Direct on Nov 19, 2015. So both Planets were Direct for their 1st Square.

On Jun 17, 2016, Saturn had his 2nd Square to Neptune. Both Planets were Retrograde. And they have one more Square to go on Sep 10th with Neptune still Retrograde. They will wrap up the morphing of your reality in some way.

As these are the 2 Karmic Planets in a 3D Square aspect, there has been some tough energy to try to keep from buying into. Sometimes we have done well and other times not so much. There has been some turmoil and questioning as some ‘separated’ in the midst of the 1st or 2nd Square. Separation consciousness is the KEY 3D reality. Knowing that you CAN’T really BE separated in 5D/Soul Awareness.

Still our Karmic fears and issues are compelling and can easily cause us to take our eye off of higher consciousness. There is really no harm in any of it so if you CHOSE to react to the energies from a 3D standpoint, then you better just accept the agony of human-ness that accompanies it.

Neitchze said, ‘For every ounce of joy there is an equal measure of pain.’ THAT is 3D! If you had the joy, expect to have a crash. If you had the pain, expect to have some chance for joy. If you managed to take the middle path, then you will no doubt reunite with the other side of yourself somewhere down the road, but you won’t be surprised when this happens either.

On Saturday morning, aided by 2 magical aspects as well, I sensed that much of the fog of things had lifted. Saturn Stationing Direct will help us to move out of any old Karmic situation where we may have been looking at ‘past’ things. We can get back on track with where we felt we were going near the end of 2015 and early 2016.

The upcoming Eclipses will help us along quite nicely with putting back on track… at least as far as returning to Soul Awareness is concerned. We are ready to begin to manifest the fresh start that we subconsciously felt was ahead at the Mar 8 Solar Eclipse.

We still have one last Square from Saturn to Neptune, but this one should be all about RESOLUTION of our separation consciousness and moving back into convergent thought of 5D. So shake off any old energies you had been feeling and prepare for what is ahead.

I will be writing about the Eclipse wormhole very soon!! And Aug 18 IS a Lunar Eclipse!! Don’t trust your ‘seeing’ mind of Mercury as he is so far ahead of the Sun right now as to have any relevancy in the truth of things. Wait for the FEELING of it all!

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