Soulful Clarity & the Eclipse – Aug 16,17&18

Snapshot: The Sun and Moon own Tuesday and Wednesday as we move towards the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse early Thursday morning. We will begin to sense what is being Eclipsed from our lives in order to make room for the super-charged fresh start of the Solar Eclipse on Sep 1.

At 8:00am on Tuesday morning, the Moon ingresses Aquarius bringing to our intuition a sense of the emotional climax of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you tune into the Moon, you won’t be surprised at what will shift at the Eclipse. Lunar Eclipses act like emotional reset buttons allowing us to clear away old feelings so we can embrace the newness that is ahead.

This Eclipse cycle has 2 Lunar Eclipses: Aug 18 and Sep 16 and 1 Solar Eclipse in between on Sep 1.

A Lunar Eclipse is that ‘I quit’ at the job kind of energy that will usher in the new job at the Solar Eclipse in Virgo. But it can also be about ‘its over, baby’ as the Lunar Eclipse is in Leo, the Sign of romance and you decide to take a job in a new town. The Lunar Eclipse will clear the emotional debris that is getting in the way of your fresh start.

But the lead up to the Lunar Eclipse is going to provide some Soul Awareness as the Sun connects with 2 Higher Minds and our Soul-Level wounding.

At 12:15pm on Tuesday the Sun at 24:13 Leo Quincunx Chiron Retrograde at 24:13 Pisces.

This is an adjustment aspect. If you are sensing what is ending at the Eclipse, you will need to adjust yourself Soulfully to accept it and to be grateful for the new goals your Soul is leading you to. With the Sun and Chiron, gratitude is the state of being that turns any pain around. That may be all the adjustment you need to make… be GRATEFUL!

At 4:23pm the Sun at 24:22 Leo Trines Uranus Retrograde at 24:22 Aries.

Now the awareness hits as to just how liberating all of this is going to be for you. You can SEE your personal path to freedom ahead of you and can begin to set goals that align with that path.

Sit in this awareness until Wednesday at 3:26pm when the Sun at 25:18 Leo Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 25:18 Virgo.

This is a minor aspect, but one that is going to help you to see the big picture of what is ahead for you. If you can get some perspective as to all that may be going on, you can know that you need to just keep moving forward with optimism and embrace it all.

The last aspect before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a wonderful Trine between the 2 Planets of attraction and intimacy: Venus and Pluto.

At 10:17pm on Wednesday night, Venus at 15:18 Virgo Trines Pluto Retrograde at 15:18 Capricorn.

A Trine is a transitional aspect that can allow you to move from any 3D feelings straight to 5D magic. It doesn’t get much better than to have Venus and Pluto at ease with each other. And on that note, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be aligning!

At 5:26am on Thursday morning, the Moon at 25:52 Aquarius Opposes the Sun at 25:52 Leo creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

For all of us, we will have some sense of how we are balancing our romantic fun with our social network. Or our creative work with our hopes and dreams. Or our personal fun with the good of a group. You get the idea.

Each of us has a personal story with this Eclipse that can only be seen by careful examination of  your chart OR by your tuning into the energies and intuition of the Moon to FEEL what is coming up for you!!

If you watch a Lunar Eclipse closely, you will be astounded by just how much it feels like a switch has been flipped in your emotions 😉

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