It Hurts So Good, Right? – Aug 12

Snapshot: There may be some pain, there may be some good fortune at work or any other myriad of ways that our higher consciousness can be contrasted with our Soul-Level wounding.

At 8:00pm on Friday night, Jupiter at 24:21 Virgo Opposes Chiron Retrograde at 24:21 Pisces.

An Opposition shows us a contrast of the energies so we can each energy more clearly. That is the case with Jupiter wrapping up his Transit of Virgo which has brought us a new lifestyle philosophy of well-being rather being a martyr to our work. Chiron Transiting Pisces, together with Neptune, is helping us to leave our 3D wounding pain behind if we can respond to the energies from a 5D/Soul-awareness space.

Their Opposition can either magnify some pain or bring it some healing so you can see how it has served to bring you back to your Soul. 3D created the pain as it was the essential part of that human experience. But feeling the pain is optional if you can see it from the standpoint of your Soul.

If you have been working too hard, why? What are you afraid of? Most who over-work are actually avoiding something else (Pisces Opposite Virgo) or they have a fear of lack. If you are experiencing some pain associated with Virgo areas of your life, such as work, co-workers, workplace, health, fitness, day-to-day activities, service, duty and volunteering, then  you have been covering up some old wounding by staying busy.

If you are enjoying your work, though it may have increased over the last year, you are more in tune with your subconscious and how it works. You have learned how to really be of service and how your service fits into the big picture of things. You can SEE how your efforts fit in with everyone else’s.

These are some of things we will all be looking at on Friday as Jupiter and Chiron exact their Opposition.

There could be a strong connection to your ‘addiction’ behaviors, such as excessive drinking and drugging. Over the last year you have likely had to face any demons you have around this issue. If you have managed to develop a spiritual philosophy that helps you feel more control of the situation, then you are managing the energies in a way that can assist you.

In 5D, you don’t need to worry about ‘addictions’ as consciousness can not become ‘drunk’. However, we are also in the midst of a Karmic Aspect between the 2 Karmic Planets: Saturn and Neptune as they meet in 3 Squares (2 completed and the last one coming up on Sep 10). If your Karma centers around addictive-type behaviors, you have your hands full focusing on ways to manage it. This Opposition can help you to put things in their proper perspective and get a grip on moving away from 3D and 4D energies.

I wanted to share a ‘kudos’ with one young reader of my column for the last 4 years or more. His karmic fear manifested over the last week and he faced it fearlessly and everything went better than he was hoping that it would. He had to face some serious ‘authority-types’ and stand up to them as he pursued his own path to freedom. There are many interesting stories floating around that show how the Saturn/Neptune Squares have taken us through our Karma to some resolution of it. No fear and no blame is the name of THAT game!!

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