Mercury enters his Shadow Trine to Pluto – Aug 10

Snapshot: What gets expressed between Wednesday and Sep 22 is up for review and revision. Yes, Mercury has entered Phase 1, the Shadow Phase, of his impending Retrograde cycle. So get ready to hear some revisions around work and health-related issues.

At 7:25pm on Wednesday night, Mercury at 15:26 Virgo Trines Pluto Retrograde at 15:26 Capricorn.

Here we have as ease between our communication to those in ‘authority’ positions or those whose resources we use and share. Pluto is going to be playing a key role in this Mercury Retrograde cycle as this is Mercury’s first aspect as he enters his Shadow Phase and when he is Stationing Direct on Sep 22, he will be in Trine to Pluto for 3-4 days as he flips direction. That is a lot of great support for this cycle. A Trine is a 3D to 5D Transitional aspect. We can use it to shift our situations into a higher space. This aspect will involve co-workers, bosses, the workplace, health, service (and military service), volunteering with those who are public authorities or who are benefactors of the workplace, etc.

Mercury’s expression over the last 10 days he has been in Virgo, has been revealing to us some of our new work philosophies and our new lifestyle philosophy. We all want to work less, yet serve more and to have our work matter as well as be part of the bigger picture that benefits everyone. Mercury’s Trine to Pluto will afford us the chance to express ourselves to decision-makers with ease and success.

Though there will be some adjustments to our ideas between now and when Mercury Stations Direct, this support from Pluto will play a key role in shaping our new work ‘contracts’ and ideas.

Pay attention to what gets expressed on Wednesday as Mercury first Trines Pluto as there is likely some continuing story that will be addressed during his entire Retrograde cycle.

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