In the Soulful, Karmic T-Square – Aug 7&8

Snapshot: On Sunday morning our goals for fun will need to make an adjustment to those we share resources with. By noontime, we will hear some Karmic expression that will show us a bit of what has been developing from the Saturn/Neptune Squares. All Sunday through Monday night, our plans for work-related issues will be quite Soulful in perspective.

Here are the details:

At 10:12am on Sunday the Sun at 15:30 Leo Quincunx Pluto Retrograde at 15:30 Capricorn.

If you have been seeking the spotlight, your benefactor or intimate partner may need you to adjust yourself enough to show them some of our charm. If you can’t do this, there may be some curtailing of your use of their resources that force you to make an adjustment. Your children may be the ones seeking all the fun and the dominant parent may expect them to adjust themselves accordingly. Or the type of entertainment you seek may not be helping your public reputation, according to Pluto. See the adjustment that you make today.

At 12:24pm Mercury at 11:18 Virgo Opposes Neptune Retrograde at 11:18 Pisces.

Here is the 2nd half of Mercury creating a T-Square with Saturn and Neptune showing us something about what they are dissolving or morphing in our reality. Virgo is where Pisces energy is externalized, so Mercury will be expressing some of what is going on between the Saturn/Neptune Squares for each of us. Mercury Squared Saturn on Saturday morning, so it should be easy to identify what is going on if you watch communications towards you or from you from 9:17am on Saturday through 12:24pm on Sunday.

At 7:12pm on Monday night, Mercury at 12:57 Virgo Conjuncts the North Node at 12:57 Virgo.

Still in orb of the T-Square to the 2 Karmic Planets, Mercury meets the Nodes of Fate to give us the final say on how best to handle the dissolving/morphing of our reality from the perspective of our Souls. The North Node in Virgo wants us to look at the ways we are of service to others rather than to lose ourselves in too much subconscious delusions. We need to externalize what is bubbling up from our subconscious and to give it expression through our service to others. Neptune is ending some old 3D urges and some old 3D philosophies (Sagittarius) we need to let go of (South Node Conjunct Neptune).

When you recognize that your words reveal to you exactly what is ‘ending’ and/or ‘morphing’, write it down and pay attention to how the Karmic Planets are bringing you to a new place that the North Node is pointing to.

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