New Moon in Leo – Aug 2

Snapshot: Your purpose and emotions around ways to have more fun and romance over the next month will be in sync and you will know how to accomplish your goals. Go forth and have a great time!

Here are the details:

At 4:45pm on Tuesday, the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 10:58 Leo.

The Sun rules our public nature and the Moon rules our private nature. Our goals (Sun) and emotions (Moon) are in sync and we can be clear (Sun) about what we feel (Moon). As they are meeting in Leo, we are clear about our feelings around fun, romance, creativity, children, etc.

The Sun and Moon are Trine to Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius helping us to manage any Karmic fears that have arisen due to the Squares to Neptune. This puts the Sun and Moon in a Quincunx to Neptune asking us to make a subconscious adjustment to our goals for more fun. This is a unique chance to see a bit about what Saturn and Neptune are dissolving or morphing in our lives and to see how to might also benefit us.

The Sun and Moon are in a Semi-Sextile to the True North Node in Virgo. This is a minor aspect, but it is productive and can help. How can more fun also keep us from martyring ourselves (Virgo work/service in 3D) at work?

Just before the New Moon, Mars will ingress Sagittarius helping us to pursue more higher consciousness in our sense of fun. He will pass through a Tridecile (108 degree) aspect to the Sun and Moon as they are exacting. On Wednesday, Mars will Biquintile Uranus Retrograde in Aries and the Sun and Moon will be Tridecile to Uranus as they exact.

A Decile is 1/10 of the Zodiac Wheel, found at the midpoints of a Quintile (5D aspect). A Tridecile is the midpoint between a Quintile and Biquintile. The Sun and Moon will be equidistance between both Planets as they Conjunct. That’s pretty cool, though we will wait to see if we can FEEL it!

Mars will be in orb of his Biquintile to Uranus all day on Tuesday so this should be a very magical time to have fun! Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the 3 FIRE Signs and its time to burn bright!!

On another note, I have been writing about the True North Node aspects while also following the Mean Node to see which I find to be more decisive.

Here is an brief explanation: From the Earth’s perspective, it appears the Sun and Moon circle around the Earth in a sort of circle that is very close to the same, but with a slight variance. This variance is measured based on the true dip in their orbits (True Node) and one that calculates based on an average (Mean Node). In most Ephemeris, both True and Mean Node degrees are given. So which one should we follow? We should follow the one we FEEL is more accurate. I keep my eye on both and will keep you posted as they each aspect my Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo/Pisces points.

But if anyone on this mailing list has a comment or awareness to share regarding this, I would love to hear it! I find the Mean Node to be more decisive as this guy says as well. Though I didn’t find his page until I was sorting it out for myself 😉


4 thoughts on “New Moon in Leo – Aug 2

    1. Mary Ann, there are several reasons why many of us may feel quite heavy and depressed right now. Saturn and Neptune square and Saturn square to North Nide in Virgo too creates a T-square that pours energy into Gemini that can be depression. Sauna square Neptune is karma. For me, it takes place in 6th house of work. Bosses (6th house) are asserting authority (Saturn) in unclear (Neptune/Pisces) ways. They are unclear and just yelling. It’s the energy bringing up subconscious stuff (Neptune/Pisces). Even surprises them. But they are dissolving their own authority as they do so (North Node in Virgo Opposite Neptune). That’s just one example. The karma morphing occurs differently for everyone depending on houses where we have Neptune and Saturn.

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