Clarifying, Soulful Fun – Aug 1

Snapshot: On Sunday night and Monday morning, our desires or resources for fun will get a Soulful boost that can help us along. There will also be some clarity that will cause us to make an adjustment to our sense of ‘fun’ resulting in a very easy time.

Here are the details:

At 12:08am (just after midnight) Venus at 24:30 Leo Trines Uranus Retrograde at 24:30 Aries.

Here the fiery passion of Aries and fiery fun of Leo create a beautiful ease. You CAN have your freedom and your fun BOTH. Or you will find you have the resources for fun as you are pursuing your own freedom. It is possible you will find some unexpected ways to get into the spotlight as well. Your beauty could open a few doors or attract a crowd that adores you. Or you could find some surprising new resources that become available for your creative outlet.

At 4:30am Venus at 24:44 Leo Quincunx Chiron Retrograde at 24:44 Pisces.

Here there is an adjustment that needs to be made in order to keep pursuing your fun. If you have some subconscious wounding around having too much fun or in being the center of attention, an adjustment may be called for. You could find yourself a bit worried about all of the attention and need to check in with your soulful-self to navigate moving forward. Or you may find that you have the healing touch that allows someone else to stay in the spotlight even if they froze for a moment.

At 9:39am the Sun at 9:44 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Retrograde at 24:44 Pisces.

This is Part 2 of a 3-way aspect as Chiron is on the exact degree and minute that Venus aspected him. Here the Sun’s clarity around the situation can help your adjustment from above become a very easy situation. When the Sun and Chiron meet, gratitude is always the best answer. See the purpose (Sun) of any Soul-Level pain (Chiron) that that will adjust your energy back into a 5D vibe. Maybe you realize that you have had plenty of fun and are grateful for every bit of it. You want to set goals to do the same thing next year.

At 1:49pm the Sun at 9:53 Leo Trines Saturn Retrograde at 9:53 Sagittarius.

Here you can easily shift that Soulful perspective into some higher consciousness vibe and realize how to help others enjoy themselves more. The Leo-center-of-attention thing is okay for a bit, but you can easily see ways to help others share that spotlight with you for the benefit of a larger circle of friends and fun.

The Sun here can also shed some light onto your ‘Karmic Return’ situation. Can you use a bit more romance to take the heavy energy into a place of more fun and enjoyment and let the Karma just flow out of you?

The rest of the day will be moving us towards the New Moon at 10:58 Leo that exacts at 4:45pm on Tuesday. Here your goals and feelings for more fun will align allowing us to create a great 2 weeks ahead of us. That will lead us into the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of Aug 18 at 25:52 Leo.

And at the New Moon in Leo we are one ‘month’ (Sun/Moon cycle) away from the Solar Eclipse that occurs on Sep 1 at 9:21 Virgo.

Get your fun in now as the Solar Eclipse in Virgo is sure to highlight some work and fitness areas of life!

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