Karmic Return or 5D Relating-ship? Jul 31

Snapshot: Are you in a Karmic Return or a 5D relating-ship? See below. Late Saturday night we will be making an adjustment between our new lifestyle expressions and ours or someone else’s use of authority. With the adjustment made, there will be an ease between you and an authority or someone you share resources with.

Here are the details:

At 12:27am just after midnight on Sunday, Mercury at 0:39 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Retrograde at 15:39 Capricorn.

Mercury ingressed Virgo on Saturday and makes his first aspect from this Sign with Pluto. The Ses-Square calls for an adjustment that leads to an ease. We will begin voicing some of the things the Eclipses across the Virgo/Pisces axis has been bringing up for us over the last year. And we will begin to voice some of our new lifestyle philosophy that Jupiter has brought us over the last year, too.

Our conscious mind is on looking at work rather than fun so things will shift a bit. Though the Sun and Venus are still in Leo bringing us desires for fun. So there is a bit of internal dilemma when Mercury wants to plan to work and Venus still wants to have fun.

Pluto is likely the one financing Mercury’s activities, so there adjustment will involve money or intimacy (honesty, transparency).

On another note:

By now most of us are seeing there is something deep going on here with the Saturn/Neptune Squares. The stories I am hearing from everyone reveals the ‘Karmic’ connection between them and others. Though in some cases, there is a 5D aspect in there as well… meaning that in order to deal with the fact you find yourself attracted to a ‘married’ person or someone otherwise involved, you understand that at the Soul-Level it was just time to link up again so you would be in a place to remember your other lives with them as the Nodes of Fate near their Opposition to Neptune and Square to Saturn. I dare say, there will be many remembering beyond the physical reality they see themselves in.

And with us all remembering at the same time, well, that could be rather cosmic 😉 So do your best to check your emotional state and to stay in awareness of your Soul. The story will go down much easier and you may recall WHY you have such strong feelings for them and simply see the beauty in seeing them again… WITHOUT the 3D expectations.

Soul-reality is very different from physical/conscious reality 😉



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