Romantic Notions & Uranus Retrograde – Jul 29

Snapshot: Friday is a cocktail mix of aspects. Late Thursday night or early Friday, we may be irritated that our goals for fun clash a bit with our new lifestyle philosophy. By dinnertime, we will find that our romantic expressions are a bit at odds with our pursuit of intimacy and sharing. But this could easily be overridden by the magical aspect between our romantic desires and our, or their, intimate power.

Here are the details:

At 2:45am the Sun at 6:35 Leo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 21:36 Virgo.

This is Jupiter’s 3rd pass to this degree. You may recall how you were approaching work and health around Dec 6, 2015 and Feb 10, 2016. The Semi-Square is a bit of an irritation. It is half of a Karmic Square. But you know how to use this to grow. And it doesn’t last long. SEE (Sun) what you can about how your goals around romance, children, creativity and entertainment may clash a bit with your new lifestyle philosophy.

Jupiter’s Transit of Virgo has taken all of us through TOO MUCH work until we arrived at some philosophy of how to do ‘work’ and ‘service’ from a higher consciousness perspective. Or from simply seeing the big picture of how our work fits into the overall good. Many of us have realized that we really don’t want to work mindlessly for more money, but rather want to work in ways that supports a better quality of life. This aspect could certainly shed some light on this new philosophy and ways to balance it with our sense of ‘fun.’

At 4:49pm Mercury at 28:36 Leo Squares Mars at 28:36 Scorpio.

Here our romantic expressions or ideas for fun may run counter to achieving some intimate connection or sharing of resources. If you have an idea for some ways to use someone else’s money for fun, even if you want them to join you, it may not go down as easily as you might have hoped. If you can watch the energy, however, you can use the next aspect to smooth things over very nicely and to go have all the fun you really want to have at some else’s expense (meaning they will pay for it even)! This can also pertain to a creative project that you need some financial help with. While you may be motivated to get a ‘loan’ it may not work out really easily.

At 4:58pm Venus at 21:41 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Retrograde at 15:41 Capricorn.

But if you use your ‘beauty’ or esthetics to pitch it in a different way, you are sure to get some financial backing or intimate connecting. Use your charm rather than your words tonight and someone who is in a position to help (Capricorn) will be there to do so.


Just 9 minutes later, at 5:07pm Uranus at 24:30 Aries Stations Retrograde.

This means that we will be retracing some of our new awarenesses through a rear-view mirror. Over the last 5 years, Uranus Retrograde has been my least favorite Planet to Retrograde, even trumping Mercury (which rules my Gemini Ascendant)!

If you are working to stay more solidly in 5D, this Retrograde will make it a bit harder, but you will be seeing your new awarenesses again so that you can really OWN them once Uranus goes Direct again on Dec 29… just 5 months away.

But to have him Stationing as 3 Personal Planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) are in separating and applying Trines to Uranus in Aries (all 5 in Fire Signs) there should be some great illumination coming through with these aspects on Friday night. Soak up all the Fire that you can and even some Air (Uranus and Mercury) as well. You may find yourself flip-flopping over the next few days as you sense Uranus’ shift.


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