3-Way, Double-Magic – Jul 28

Snapshot: Just after midnight on Wednesday (early Thursday), we have a 3-way magical/5D aspect that will be very Soulfully clarifying. We will know what are good goals to set around children, romance, fun, creativity. The magic will be that we have NO subconscious hesitation as to the direction things can go.

Here are the details:

At 12:54am the Sun at 5:33 Leo and Psyche at 5:27 Leo Biquintile Neptune Retrograde at 11:53 Pisces.

While Psyche and Neptune won’t exact their Biquintile for a few hours later, this aspect draws all 3 into ONE DOUBLE-MAGIC aspect. Don’t be dismayed if you don’t see some magical outcome. It is far more likely that it will be an internal shift that will take you into more 5D awareness.

In our Natal Charts, Psyche represents our ‘Soul-Mind’ and shows a Soulful lesson we are learning in this life/reality. As Psyche Transits we each may feel a bit of a Soul-Level lesson around that area of our lives. Leo rules romance, creativity, children, entertainment or fun. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Leos need the spotlight and praise the Sun delivers.

I won’t really write about what is WILL be as this could be a very interesting and NEW aspect that sheds light on Psyche’s role in our charts.

But what we CAN expect is to better SEE what is ahead of us as the Sun shines a spotlight into the fog of Neptune. Perhaps we will see how what is dissolving via the Saturn/Neptune Squares is actually a very beneficial thing allowing us to have more fun and to be more creative.

It is possible to have insight about ANYTHING as Neptune rules Pisces and our collective unconscious (where we CAN know anything) and put that in a 5D aspect with Psyche and we can expect to SEE many Soulful things!!

5D IS Soul Awareness and this is a fantastic aspect to get us back on track if the Saturn/Neptune Squares have brought up hard situations.

As well, the North Node in Virgo is within orb of an Opposition to Neptune in Pisces and we may be feeling a real need to EXTERNALIZE (Virgo) what the Nodes of Fate have for us. The Solar Eclipse on Sep 1st will fall very near an Opposition to Neptune, Conjunct the North Node and Square to Saturn!!!!

There is something very BIG brewing under the surface of our 5D minds that can help us to externalize 5D more easily. Through now and Sep 10 (the last Saturn/Neptune Square) we will have some BIG Soulful aspects to move through.

Not the least of which Saturn Square the Nodes of Fate (North and South Nodes) which can bring up other-life memories or awarenesses.

We are here to remember why our Souls chose to incarnate!

Find (Sun) the Song (Neptune) of your Soul (Psyche).



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