To Be an Eclipse, or Not an Eclipse… that is the Question


I don’t own any Astrological software so at the start of the year, I look at other informational sites for some of the technical details of the year so I don’t have to spend so much time on it.

5D comes with the ability to FEEL the Planets and to KNOW what you are feeling. So I only write about aspects a day in advance so that I can share the true energies that are emerging. If consciousness is rising within me, or you, then the energies of the Planets must be morphing as it rises.

But humorously over the last few days, I have run across a few astronomer posts talking about how the Aug 18 ‘Lunar Eclipse’ is NOT an Eclipse. I’m guessing that half of the posts out there (roughly) are upholding one end of the argument or the other.

Its called ‘Duality’ or ‘Karma.’ Which begins in Gemini, ruled by Mercury which is the ‘vanity, limitation’ mind of 3D. Do we trust what we SEE only, or does what we FEEL really determine what we SEE?

With Saturn and Neptune Square, we are fluctuating between some old 3D reactions to their ‘morphing’ of reality in 5D. It can be expected. It is challenging us to see it all their weird dissolving energies without fear. In 3D, our minds fear the future because we have no sense of what it might bring except for it bringing the Opposite of what we have been planning for ourselves.

So as we move closer to this ‘Eclipse’ I simply ask myself if it FEELs like an Eclipse. It is technically/3D speaking a Penumbral Eclipse at best… meaning not a total Eclipse of the Moon by the Earth. But there is the question of whether the Earth blocks ANY of the Moon at the time they cross so closely.

Trust NOT your eyes and ears, but rather the energies to see if, indeed, something is being Eclipsed from your life on Aug 18. Do you feel like you will be ending something romantic, creative, having to do with children or entertainment? Or closing down some aspect of these areas of your life to make room for the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse on Sep 1.

I find myself continuing to call it an Eclipse, so I know where I stand 😉 But this Full Moon DOES land with the Sun Conjunct my Uranus and the Moon directly Opposite my Uranus. So it will be a powerful Full Moon for me for sure. And this Full Moon will Trine Transiting Uranus making CHANGE much easier to manage for most of us.

So what CHANGE did the last Full Moon challenge you to make? On Aug 18, you will find it easier to MAKE some change, though it will take on a different twist due to the change in Signs between the 2 Full Moons.

Aug 18 also looks powerful to me as I see the events that have been occurring (in many of your lives) from the recent Full Moon that signals the significance and strength of the upcoming ‘Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.’

Regardless of what ANYONE says, HOW you FEEL the energy will determine how it affects YOU. If you would like an Eclipse Cycle Reading that takes you through the changes from Aug 18, Sep 1 and Sep 16 Eclipses and the next New Moon (aka the Eclipse wormhole) then let me know. A Report or a Reading is possible.

Almost Lunar Eclipse?


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