Adjusting, Soulful Day – Jul 20

Snapshot: Just 2 hours after the Full Moon on Tuesday night, our conscious mind will make an adjustment to a subconscious nudge. Wednesday has 4 aspects. 2 center around our desires for fun and romance and it will reach an ‘ease’ around them. Then our goals around family and our romantic expression both become soulful.

Here are the details:

At 8:44pm on Tuesday night, Mercury at 11:42 Leo Quincunx Neptune Retrograde at 11:42 Pisces.

In this aspect, if we are to have any real fun, we will need to make a subconscious adjustment that allows for it. If we have an hesitation within our subconscious, we can simply go through the motions of ‘fun’ but not really feel it. This aspect forces the adjustment. This aspect can also help us to manifest some of the magic we felt on Saturday night as Mercury made a double-magic aspect to Neptune, but the adjustment has to happen first.

At 5:15am on Wednesday, Venus at 10:01 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Retrograde at 25:01 Pisces.

Here we have some healing adjustment that creates an ease. Again, it is about our desires for fun. Leo is light-hearted energy that seeks entertainment. But in the human experience, we can have subconscious (Pisces) things that hold us back. And Chiron is a Soul-Level wounding that while in Transit affects us all. There is still some residual pain there that we can release in order to have more fun or romance.

At 9:19am Venus at 10:14 Leo Trines Saturn Retrograde at 10:14 Sagittarius.

Here the ease gets expanded and we find that we CAN have more fun and more romance! Saturn wants it to be deep and response-able to others and Sagittarius expands it. In a Trine, we can find there is no limit to what can now occur with the adjustment from the above aspect combined with this 3D to 5D Trine (a transitional aspect that we can shift into higher gear).

At 1:58pm the Sun at 28:26 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 13:26 Virgo.

Here there can be some irritation for growth that takes our family goals into a more soulful place. We are going to want to serve the family soulfully.

At 6:52pm Mercury at 13:24 Leo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 13:24 Virgo.

Here we will express what our new goals should be, though they will now be more playful and our romance will be more soulful.

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