The Ses-Squares of Monday – Jul 18

Snapshot: As I last left you, the Sun, Mars and Chiron were moving into their Grand Water Trine of emotional ease. Ahhh… it felt so good! We sat in that Trine all of Saturday night. Early Sunday, we began 1 of 2 ‘adjustments that led us to an ease’ (Ses-Squares) around old Karmic family (nurturing, mothering, land) issues. Monday we finish the other adjustments to ease aspect around family and then have a 3rd adjustment to make around our sense of ‘fun’ that should bring us ease as well.

Here are the details:

At 7:06pm on Monday night, the Sun at 26:44 Cancer Ses-Squares Neptune Retrograde at 11:44 Pisces.

The Sun met Saturn in a Ses-Square early Sunday morning and is now completing the same aspects to our 2 Karmic Planets (Saturn/Neptune) as Venus and Mercury recently have done. Venus did so on Jul 8 & 9 and Mercury just did so on Jul 11 and 12. Ses-Squares require an adjustment that leads to an ease.

As a 135 Degree aspect, it falls between the Trine (120 degrees) and the Quincunx (150 degrees) in 3D and 4D. But in 5D, it falls between the Trine (ease and Transitional energy to move from 3D to 5D) and the Biquintile (144 degrees of magical 5D energy). So the Ses-Squares requires a bit of work that prepares you for the magic. At the Quincunx, you must make an adjustment before we reach the Quadranovile (160 degrees) that can have unexpected outcomes. And then we have the Opposition that shows us some ‘contrast’ between the 2 Planetary energies.

The Sun, Venus and Mercury have already Biquintiled Saturn in Sagittarius and are on their Closing half of their cycle with Saturn. They are on their Opening half of the cycle with Neptune and Venus and Mercury Biquintiled Neptune on Saturday night as they met in Conjunction in Leo. It was a beautiful moment of magical ease to heal some old subconscious fears.

Now as the Sun Ses-Squares Neptune, we will SEE what we words (Mercury) and desires (Venus) were on Saturday night. Maybe we will SEE our desires manifest and be able to consciously acknowledge what they are.

At 11:30pm on Monday night, Mercury at 10:03 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Retrograde at 25:03 Pisces.

Here we can, perhaps, express what the Grand Water Trine was showing us on Saturday night. We want to have fun right now and to really enjoy ourselves we need that emotional ease that was created from the Grand Trine. Mercury still needs to adjust himself a bit in order to continue the ease of the Grand Trine.



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