The Global Family Responds – Jul 12 & 13

Thank you to everyone who responded to my post yesterday! I am very grateful to hear from all of us. I will be doing phone readings with each of you so I can better guage your needs. What I write here is what I get in awareness as Uranus (which rules Astrology) continues to Transit my 11th House (which Uranus rules). My Higher Mind Planets make 5D/magical aspects to each other so it enables me to understand the 5th Dimensional awareness. I don’t market my blog as it is simply up to the Universe to bring anyone who vibrates with it. Yesterday I received emails from Kuwait, Quebec and a few in the US. That is the ‘global family’ that I have written much about over the last year and especially the last week. Cancer IS my 9th House of foreign places and global ideas by Sun Sign. So this concept is built into my chart. Thanks again, all of you for reaching out to give me your feedback 🙂 I have had other Readings from various places in the world. Love it!!

Snapshot: On Tuesday, we have some subconscious emotional communications today that will reveal to us some of what is dissolving in our lives.

Here are the details:

At 7:44am Mercury at 26:49 Cancer Ses-Squares Neptune Retrograde at 11:49 Pisces.

From Monday through today, Mercury sits in a Ses-Square to both of the Karmic/3D Planets and Mercury is our 3D mind. What was spoken last night will have further subconscious expression that may explain what the Saturn/Neptune Squares are morphing in your reality. Some structures (Saturn) are dissolving (Neptune/Pisces) and Mercury, in the Sign of Cancer, may verbalize some emotional things that show how ‘family, mom and land’ are being impacted by what is morphing.

Saturn in Sagittarius is holding us accountable to a higher consciousness philosophy that should elevate us above the needs for so many ‘laws’ as Sagittarius in 3D is well known for creating as a response to Mercury/Gemini duality/Karmic creation.

What gets expressed on Tuesday morning is going to greatly depend on where you have these 2 Planets, by House, in your Natal chart.

Using my chart as an example, Saturn is Transiting my 6th House (work, co-workers, health, productivity, service, duty, volunteering) by Rising Sign and my 2nd House (earned income, resources, beauty, values and self-esteem) by Sun Sign.

My work is morphing as I am also building new resources to work with. As I visited the office of one of my places of work around 5:oopm, as Mercury was applying to Saturn in a Ses-Square, the owner was kind of distant and wanted to restrict (Saturn) our ‘chat’ (Mercury) time. No worries, I recognized the energy. I was only stopping by to touch base.

The House placement of 1+ Sagittarius (where Saturn is) and 11+ Pisces (where Neptune is) will show you WHO you will be talking to or hearing from. Can you see what is morphing? What is ending?

When you wake up on Tuesday morning, your dreams so some form of communication is sure to show you the other side of the ‘morphing/dissolving’ equation.

Allowing the dissolving and the morphing is the KEY to moving through it with little angst. In 5D, you can, perhaps, find ways to work with it and possibly even play with it. Some of this energy will be coming up on Jul 16 as both Mercury and Venus Biquintile Neptune from the Sign of Leo!

At 11:37am on Wednesday morning, Mercury at 29:13 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 14:13 Virgo.

Venus passed through this same aspect on Monday. Now Mercury will pass through and give us some soulful expression of what is going on. It is time to understand family in a new, soulful way and to serve (Virgo) a larger, global family as we achieve the Soul-Level lessons of the North Node in Virgo. Our new lifestyle philosophy that both Jupiter and the North Node have been bringing us in Virgo areas of our lives is getting a minor challenge from our old ideas of family. Best to see where you are still holding onto some old 3D ideas of family and release them.

Building all day on Wednesday is Mar’s (in Scorpio) Quincunx to Uranus in Mar’s ruled Aries. Our passionate motivations need to be adjusted to our personal path to freedom. Our integrity around sharing resources may get an unexpected adjusted to keep our own freedom paramount.

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