‘Families’ go 5D – Jul 11

Snapshot: Monday is busy! We will have unexpected communications in the middle of the night that may well wake us up or our own shocking ideas will. There could be a bit of irritation between your desires around the home and your new lifestyle philosophy. But the communications continue with some soulfully helpful words or daydreams. By dinnertime you can expect to have to make an adjustment to the way you are initiating some emotional expression and your higher consciousness philosophy that tells you to adjust yourself to restore the ease.

Here are the details:

At 3:29am Mercury at 24:22 Cancer Squares Uranus at 24:33 Aries.

Your emotional outbursts  designed to control someone may not go down so well with someone who is following their own path to freedom. Or you could have some surprising revelations that causes you to get on your soapbox. Or you may simply find new ways of expressing your sense of you within the context of family. Right now we really need to get a handle on where each of us is going and this aspect should help you to see what your path is. However, there may be some delay to those plans as Uranus Stations Retrograde at the end of the month.

At 11:01am Venus at 29:15 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 14:15 Virgo.

Here any irritation you may feel will serve to help you align your desires for security within in your home and family with a more soulful perspective of things. If you are being of service from a soulful point of view, you will shift your needs to protect what you own with less worry.

Venus will ingress Leo by Tuesday and girls will be wanting to have more fun everywhere you turn! And we EACH have a Venus in our charts so even guys will be on the look-out for attracting those good-time girls;)

At 12:33pm Mercury at 25:10 Cancer Trines Chiron Retrograde at 25:10 Pisces.

Here expressions from you or towards you could be very healing, though a bit emotional. Or if there was an emotional outburst earlier, this aspect can provide the words to heal it. This is also another aspect that can help you to see your family as part of your Soul-Level group and to keep things in a 5D perspective. Trines are transitional aspects that can take you out of any 3D or 4D thought and shift it into 5D. But with Chiron involved, the chance of this is even greater. Mercury alone is not inclined to 5D thoughts, but there is a great opportunity here to do just that.

While families are wonderful things, holding too tightly to this physical connection can block 5D awareness. The aspects today are designed to elevate your conscious sense of Soulful connections.

At 5:34pm Mercury at 25:36 Cancer Ses-Squares Saturn Retrograde at 10:36 Sagittarius.

Continuing the theme of taking ‘family’ into a higher consciousness realm, Mercury’s meeting here will hold him accountable to doing just that. Cancer rules the land as well and we are certainly moving towards global realities of land ‘ownership’ that better align with the Age of Aquarius and 5D consciousness. Saturn is a Karmic Planet in 3D and 4D, but a wonderful sustainer of focus in 5D. Compassion is ‘sustained focus’… aka Saturn when viewed from pure consciousness. Mercury certainly has to adjust himself to grasp anything in 5D, but today is a great day for all of that!

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