Awareness and the Eclipse Cycle – Jul 10

Snapshot: Shortly after midnight on Sunday morning, we have some expansive clarity around our global perspective of family and our new lifestyle. Then late on Sunday night we will likely have some easy emotional words and/or actions from us or towards us.

Here are the details:

At 1:41am the Sun at 18:24 Cancer Sextiles Jupiter at 18:24 Virgo.

Here we will begin to see how we really can achieve a higher perspective around family that fits our new lifestyle. Yesterday Jupiter Biquintiled Uranus bringing us expansive awareness or unexpected good fortune around maintaining our sense of freedom while being in our new lifestyle. Today the clarity comes in around how to do that in regards to our family connections and our own role/s within our family.

At 10:00pm Mercury at 23:53 Cancer Trines Mars at 23:53 Scorpio.

We can initiate emotion (Cancer) bond our family together here or we can show our feelings in a passionate or gallant action. Our words and actions will create harmony within our family and/or with intimate partners. Intimate partners are people that we share ourselves and/or we use their resources. The highest form of intimacy is honesty and transparency.

This aspect will allow us to express emotionally the way we feel about our sharing and our familial connections. Mars’ Retrograde cycle has been to help us see how our motivations to share ourselves or to use someone else’s resources requires true intimacy for the greatest connection to develop. Mercury will allow us to express the things we have learned from Mars’ Retrograde cycle.

In the last week of June, Uranus reached 24+ degrees of Aries, the degree at which he will Station Retrograde at the end of July. Of all the Planetary Retrograde cycles, this is the one that I least enjoy. Mercury is a nuisance, but Uranus Retrograde will have us looking back at our outmoded ideas and sense of things. His Direct Station is VERY powerful, but we will have to wait until December for this change of direction.

In this next week, Mercury and the Sun will Square Uranus providing us with some new revelations that we will want to keep in mind as he moves in Retrograde motion and new awarenesses don’t tend to happen.

We are also nearing the next Eclipse cycle Wormhole which will begin on Aug 2 at the New Moon in Leo. We have 3 Eclipses this cycle and we will begin to SEE what ‘fresh start’ we seeded subconsciously at the Mar8 Solar Eclipse. Jul 18 is one month to the day of the 1st Eclipse and events can actually occur very near that date heralding the Eclipse cycle energy that brings RAPID CHANGE.

The 1st Eclipse is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25+ Leo. The 2nd Eclipse, a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9+ Virgo, occurs on Sep 1. And the 3rd Eclipse, again a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24+ Pisces occurs on Sep 16.

This means we will be shutting down something in at least 2 areas of our lives with 2 Lunar Eclipses and beginning something involving our new Virgo ‘lifestyle’ expression at the Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses in Pisces don’t really create a SEEN change right away. So we have to wait for the subsequent New and Full Moons to slowly reveal what we will externalize when the Eclipses occur in Virgo. So if you are still waiting for a change of job/work/health issue/living situation/service area of your life, this is the likely window for it to take place.

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