Form or Function? Jul 7

Snapshot: Thursday is a busy day with 4 aspects. We will be contrasting our own nurturing needs against the way we use our power. There could be hard and suspicious words, but there is also clarity to go with it. Our desires around home will be challenged by our need for freedom, but by mid-afternoon, we will move into a bit of magical expression that aligns with our new philosophical focus.

Here are the details:

At 7:55am Mercury at 16:13 Cancer Opposes Pluto Retrograde at 16:13 Capricorn.

Here there could be some emotional words if someone tries to control us. Or if they overstep their authority. The clarity we had last night seems to rub someone in authority the wrong way. Just see what you can about the situation and keep your emotions in check.

At 10:25am Venus at 24:16 Cancer Squares Uranus at 24:16 Aries.

Here our desires will be challenged by our need for freedom. We want to act in one way, but our love of a serene home may be at odds with our instincts.

At 2:28pm Mercury at 16:48 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn Retrograde at 10:48 Sagittarius.

If there were any harsh words earlier, this aspect can smooth them over in a magical way that creates an optimistic twist to things.

At 6:27pm the Sun at 16:13 Cancer Opposes Pluto Retrograde at 16:13 Capricorn.

Here we have clarity around the challenges we may have faced earlier in the day. How are your goals for nurturing and showing emotion in contrast with those who take a stern approach or who want to follow the rules? Is there something you can see that clarifies the difference between mothering and fathering energies? One energy seems to work great at home, but in the workplace may be counter-productive.

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