Subconscious Expression – Jul 5

Snapshot: Tuesday morning will have us expressing our subconscious goals around mom, home, family, land and traditions. We can verbalize the clarity we had on Sunday morning and make plans accordingly. Tuesday night, we will have some Soulful clarity around integrating family (and all Cancer-related areas of our lives) into our new lifestyle.

Here are the details:

At 8:19am Mercury at 11:55 Cancer Trines Neptune Retrograde at 11:55 Pisces.

Here our lower/conscious mind (Mercury) has no firewall to the deep subconscious mind where we are all connected. So we can express (Mercury) things they couldn’t have imagined (Neptune) before. The Trine means there is no fear attached to what comes up, but rather that we can shift our deep knowing into a 5D energy and expression. So see what you can now verbalize regarding what you saw clearly on Sunday morning.

Here our subconscious mind has free rein to surface and show us what is really down there.

At 8:19pm (exactly 12 hours later) the Sun at 14:22 Cancer Sextiles the North Node at 14:22 Virgo.

Now the clarity around Cancer areas of life take on a very soulful feeling. Our intuition (Cancer) is soulful and kicking in to show us many ways of viewing family and integrating these new goals with the new lifestyle of ‘being’ over ‘doing’ that we have been working on. Allow all of this Soulful stuff the room to get you into 5D Soul Awareness. It will really penetrate your old, 3D family ties and bring them into a very new understanding.

Families are Karmic by nature, when we hold to the ‘blood ties’ side of things. When we realize these people are members of our Soul Group, we can enjoy them in a very new light. Try to see that today. It will make all your ‘family’ gatherings a very different type of experience 🙂

Now Mercury is catching up to the Sun and they will be meeting on Wednesday!! This is one of 6 days all year where our conscious mind is in sync with our real-time reality. What is getting expressed over the next few days is VERY REAL. Mercury needs contacts to other Planets in order to have any relevancy. Otherwise he is the lying mind of physical world that is cut off from Source. When he makes significant aspects like this Conjunction on Wednesday, he is operating to our best advantage… merely as a ‘lens’ that shows us what we are manifesting from our Higher Mind consciousness.

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