A Mother’s Love Goes Universal – Jul 2

Snapshot: Saturday continues the magic with some expression around mom, home, family, land and traditions and ways we will integrate these areas into our new lifestyle. This will likely occur late on Friday night/Saturday morning. We will wake up to some clarifying goals that will hold us accountable to our new philosophies as well. And around dinnertime, we will have some magical revelations that will help us to achieve more personal freedom while we also integrate family into our plans.

Mercury makes both magical aspects on Saturday to 2 Higher Mind Planets. Mercury is our conscious mind that views the physical world. In 3D, we cut ourselves off from the consciousness the Outer Planets provide us with and lived by the limited reality that Mercury could quantify and understand.

In 5D, we use Mercury as only a lens to the physical world while we understand how our consciousness morphs what we see. With Mercury making 5D/magical aspects to 2 of the 3 Higher Mind Planets, we can expect to see things consciously. Mercury’s lower nature get overridden by these magical aspects to our Merlin Mind/Higher Mind Planets.

On Saturday, Mercury is smack-dab between both Jupiter and Uranus who are nearing another Biquintile they will exact again on Jul 9. Their last Biquintile occurred on Apr 10 with Jupiter Retrograde at 14:30 Virgo and Uranus at 20:30 Aries. This will be their last magical aspect to each other for the next several years. So take in ALL the Higher Mind awareness that you CAN between now and then. On Saturday, you will be expressing this magical aspect as it affects your mom, home, family, land and nurturing areas.

NOTE: If you have a Planet or point at 29 Scorpio – 0 Sagittarius or 11-12 Aquarius, your Natal Planet/Point will be making 4 points of a 5 pointed 5D star configuration of complete consciousness. Cool, huh? My Sun is at 29:39 Scorpio! Hope something magical happens for my Avatar, Beth πŸ˜‰

Here are the details:

At 6:44am Mercury at 5:16 Cancer Quintiles Jupiter at 17:16 Virgo.

Jupiter is still in orb of a Trine to Pluto so this energy is very helpful as those who may be oppressors of your family plans are held in check. This allows for the magic of this aspect to be very expansive. All expressions will be inclusive of a larger sense of ‘family’ rather than just blood. When you move into this perspective, you can embrace the fullness of Jupiter’s optimism. Mercury is in the Sign of moms and if we realize that most moms likely have the same feeling about their families as you or your mom does, then the entire world becomes familiar and nurturing. What gets expressed with this magical aspect will also fit into your new lifestyle that Jupiter has helped you to create over this last year. Your words are very healing and nurturing today. Use the magic to your benefit for the benefit of others.

At 9:52am the Sun at 11:06 Cancer Quincunx Saturn Retrograde at 11:06 Sagittarius.

Our family/nurturing goals will need to be adjusted here to some philosophical accountability. Again, there is a need for a global perspective that embraces ALL families. You could find that if you adjust these goals, you will be recognized for your contribution. This aspect is wordless, but the clarity will help you continue the implementation of the magical aspect above.

At 5:13pm Mercury at 6:13 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 24:13 Aries.

Here we could have some unexpected words come flying out that express just what we need to say to put everything in proper perspective for our family goals and nurturing needs. It could be that someone comes up and hugs you and expresses their feelings of how much you mean to them. Or they want to thank you for your nurturing of them. Or you initiate this emotional display towards someone. Either way, this is going to show you something surprising about how all of your feelings have been leading you to some new awareness around what IS family, who IS family and how they magically support your personal path to freedom (Uranus in Aries).

Regardless of how these aspects play out, today you are going to be very CONSCIOUS of your Higher Mind energies and how they can CHANGE (Uranus) you to become (Sun) a more (Jupiter) universal (Uranus), global (Jupiter) person (Aries) who is family (Cancer)Β to everyone (Jupiter) equally (Uranus).

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