Magical Day – Jul 1

Snapshot: On Friday we have 2 magical aspects and a productive one. Make the most of it! Your words will be Soulful and your desires response-able in ways that create magic.

Here are the details:

At 5:47am Mercury at 3:03 Cancer Quintiles the North Node at 15:03 Virgo.

Mercury in Cancer has our words more protected and withheld than when he was in Gemini, but they are also more nurturing and emotional now. So this magical aspect can help us integrate our family desires of yesterday’s aspect between Venus and the North Node with words that express what we are Soulful creating as our new lifestyle.

At 2:3pm Venus at 17:09 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn Retrograde at 11:09 Sagittarius.

Here we have some wonderfully expansive magical desires to take our traditions into new realms of being response-able to the needs of today. Our desires are accountable and responsive to others and to a global picture of family that suits our new lifestyle. Magical abundance is another possibility here.

At 3:18pm Venus at 17:11 Cancer Sextiles Jupiter at 17:11 Virgo.

This aspect occurs in tandem with the above aspect making a 3-way aspect of energies. Jupiter rules Saturn in Sagittarius and is now giving his blessing to Venus expanding her philosophical ideas of family and traditions into a more global perspective. Saturn helps her to initiate structures that will do just that.

While words are hard to choose for some of these aspects, if you are following closely with the build-up you will begin to see that we really ARE creating a new Virgo way of being and living rather than just ‘working.’

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