Soulful Desires & Saturn Square Neptune – Jun 30

Snapshot: Just after midnight (early Thursday) we have a Soulful aspect around our new lifestyle to our desires around mom, home, family land. Where does our family fit into our new lifestyle? Then we have a contrast of this new insight as we encounter a possible over-step of authority from anyone we are sharing resources with or a public authority.

Here are the details:

At 12:02am Venus at 15:11 Cancer Cancer Sextiles the North Node at 15:11 Virgo.

Here things are working productively together as we envision our families in a more Soulful light as we move into our new lifestyle of more ‘being’ and less mindless ‘doing.’ In 3D, families are Karmic. Now we are going to be seeing them in a new way. They are Soul-group players helping us to have this experience. How does this shift your desires around your home and land?

My wounding is in my 4th House and I will not inherit any land. Which I was fine with anyway. We are moving into 5D/Age of Aquarius where land use will be more communal and open in surprising new ways. How can you leverage this understanding NOW as you implement your new lifestyle?

What about family traditions? Do they fit your new lifestyle? Can you achieve some new desires today that match where you are going in a more Soulful way?

At 11:31pm Venus at 16:22 Cancer Opposes Pluto Retrograde at 16:22 Capricorn.

Now we will see how authorities and benefactors in our lives view our new desires. We will see how to balance our resources with public/authority-style resources as we move into these new Soulful desires around mom, home, family, land, tradition. Pluto-types in Capricorn like to keep a piece of any action they invest in. Is there room for them in your new lifestyle? Or can you make things work without much outside support? See if you can find a way to do so.

Saturn Square Neptune musings:

On another note, we still have Saturn and Neptune in a tight orb of their recent Square (Jun 17 it exacted). Can you see any areas of your life where there is some dissolving and morphing going on?

In 3D, this would be a heavily Karmic aspect. You might be caught up in the FL shootings or other natural disasters as part of the Karmic story playing out in your life. You may have even run across an old soulmate who you are working through some Karma with. The energy is still there, but you are likely managing it better than you would have before.

The news and headlines are not a part of my reality (Neptune/Sun) so I don’t put any focus there. I hear things are the periphery of life (Neptune), but pay it no mind (my Mercury mind is overridden by Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune 😉 Still, there is much occurring in the Squares between the 2 Karmic Planets: Saturn and Neptune.

Saturn rules Capricorn and its energy is Cardinal Earth. Which means that Saturn initiates structures  both in public circles and personally depending on our Natal charts. Neptune dissolves and ends things that Saturn has built. Neptune is Mutable Water. It erodes slowly, but surely.

Their Square has our legal system, national borders, higher education, religions and senior areas of life dissolving and morphing into new shapes.

Relax into the change. Get comfortable with the nebulousness of Neptune and ride it out. It will all become clearer with the Fall Eclipse cycle and the last Square of Saturn to Neptune (Sep 10).


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