Magical, Intimate Integrity & Mars’ Station – Jun 29

Snapshot: Wednesday is a day for intimate integrity. Just prior to Stationing Direct, Mars meets Mercury in a double-magic aspect bringing us an expression of what his Retrograde Cycle has been all about. It will likely show you some way to express integrity (honest and transparency) around your intimate dealings.

Here are the details:

At 5:25am the Sun at 8:03 Cancer Ses-Squares Mars Retrograde at 23:03 Scorpio.

Here we have some clarity around our home life and our intimate pursuits. There is an adjustment to be made that results in an ease (Ses-Square). Can you take home your intimate integrity? Will your investments, debts or loans (Scorpio) keep your family home and lands afloat? Or is there some leaking in your boat that you have been hiding from? Or afraid to face? Now is the time to get clear on why integrity in everything is so important. It affects the very security (Cancer is security-conscious) of all that is near and dear to you.

At 8:40am Mercury at 29:04 Gemini Biquintiles Mars Retrograde at 23:04 Scorpio.

Here we will have some expression of how our review of intimacy with integrity (honesty and transparency) has been magically supporting our local community goals and working with our siblings/neighbors/cousins or working around vehicles and transportation issues. If you have been waiting for some financial backing (Scorpio) to get you on the road (Gemini) then you just may hear some good news here as Mercury reaches the final degree (critical/Anaretic) of the Sign he rules, Gemini.

What has been holding you back is the need to review your motivations and the ways you pursue the sharing of resources, hopefully by now you have cleared up any old ways of operating and see why acting with honesty and transparency is so important.

Perhaps you changed jobs in the midst of the Mutable Grand Cross and have cleared up your credit to buy a car. Or have enough reportable income to be a safe investment with a car loan or some other project.

All throughout the rest of the day, Mars hovers at 23:03 degrees Scorpio as he Stations Direct. The lesson is being ground in so pay attention.

At 7:38pm Mars at 23:03 Scorpio Stations Direct.

Now all of our shared resource deals are likely to move forward allowing us pursue our motivations without any hiccups.

This is a very good thing as Venus in Cancer is applying to the North Node in Virgo. We will have some soulful help in seeing how to use our own resources as we integrate our new lifestyle philosophy.

Perhaps you needed that car to get yourself to work, or away on vacation from all the extra work you have been doing since Jupiter ingressed Virgo last August.



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