Where Are We Now? – Jun 27

Snapshot: This next week we need to keep a close eye on Venus. She will be making aspects to each of the Outer Planets from the Sign of Cancer. She has already Quincunx Saturn so the story is beginning to unfold. On Monday, she Trines Neptune creating an ease around our subconscious desires that we can shift into some 5D results if we pay attention.

At 9:53am Venus at 11:59 Cancer Trines Neptune Retrograde at 11:59 Pisces.

Venus in Cancer has desires to do ‘family’ things. She may be simply fixing up the home and beautifying it for impending company as July is a big month for family reunions and such. In the nice weather, she is considering ways to acquire (Venus) more land (Cancer). It is a great time for real estate projects. When Mercury reaches Cancer, the agreement or offer may get signed and accepted.

In Trine, these 2 can remove all 3D fears of sensual touch and allow lovers to forget any fears. It is a very beautiful thing.

At 12:25pm Mercury at 25:15 Gemini Squares Chiron at 25:15 Pisces.

There may be a sting here around some words, but see the pain and release it through your 5D Soul Awareness. It is just an experience and is just old energies we are shifting out of.

Tuesday has no aspects between the Transiting Planets so I will try to write about catching us up on the breadcrumbs of the last week and how they will fit into the unfolding picture ahead of us.



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