Into the Sagittarian Full Moon – Jun 19 & 20

Snapshot: As I write this so early Sunday morning, our motivation for intimacy makes an adjustment to our personal freedom. Sunday night brings us a magical aspect between our communication and use of personal authority. And on Monday morning we wake to the Full Moon in Sagittarius which will have us contrasting our local/global issues. Sunday has so many other aspects as well that it can not be summarized here. Please read below.

Here are the details for Monday:

At 7:03am the Moon at 29:33 Sagittarius Opposes the Sun at 29:33 Gemini creating the Full Moon energy.

29 degrees of each Sign is called an Anaretic (critical) degree. It is the quintessential energy of the Sign. While our goals and purpose at this moment (Sun) is centered around local things, our feelings are in the Sign of philosophy and global perspective. This contrast will help us to see how we are doing in meeting our local goals that were set at the New Moon at few weeks ago.

With Saturn in Sagittarius and still in very tight Square to Neptune, we have quite a bit of focus around global things at the moment. At this Full Moon, our emotions may be running high as we consider how to be a global citizen and not just a community organizer.

At 10:13am the Sun at 29:40 Gemini Biquintiles Mars Retrograde at 23:40 Scorpio.

Here our local community goals will magically align with our drive for merging with another whether physically or financially. We will know what which action to take.

Around noontime, Mercury enters the Grand Mutable Cross as he aspects both Saturn and Neptune. This will allow us to VOICE what has been going on with all that changing energies around us. We have been in this Great Gear Shift of energy for several weeks and have seen many changes occurring. Now our mental minds will be able to verbalize what is going on and make plans to manage the changes.

At 10:55am Mercury at 11:52 Gemini Opposes Saturn Retrograde at 11:52 Sagittarius.

Here some expression to neighbors, siblings or cousins could show some of the strong feelings we have around the issues of a global world in our backyard. Or feelings around travel to foreign places. Or small-mindedness vs. a broader philosophy.

At 1:11pm Mercury at 12:02 Gemini Squares Neptune Retrograde at 12:02 Pisces.

Here our words could have a Karmic tinge to them as we try to shake loose any old subconscious fear that gets expressed. There has likely been a few things that have been hidden from us that we will find getting expressed without having to think about it.

Watch closely what you hear on Monday afternoon. Mercury is the last Planet to move through the Gemini corner of the Grand Mutable Cross so this is the TELLING moment of all that has transpired. As well as the Saturn Square to Neptune.

At 1:18pm Jupiter at 15:47 Virgo Conjuncts the North Node at 15:47 Virgo.

Here we have the final Conjunction of these 2 in Virgo. Now our new lifestyle philosophy is getting aligned for the final time with a Soulful lesson. How are you working differently than you were last summer? Have you started to find a way to make your ‘work’ fit the lifestyle you desire? If you’re a boss, are you now treating your workers with more respect and with a philosophy that keeps work in a healthy perspective?

From 5:08pm to 6:10pm, Venus in Cancer will first Quintile the North Node and then Jupiter in Virgo.

Venus in Cancer is a desire for home and family. A beautiful home or lots of property to enjoy. There is a magical aspect around our feelings around mom, home and family and how to integrate these desires with our new lifestyle philosophy.

Its a busy day with so many significant aspects to show us what 3 major Planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune) and a Soul-level Point (the North Node) have had us focused on for the last year and the last few weeks.


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