Sun Square Chiron – Jun 15

Snapshot: Our local community goals may run into a bit of old pain this afternoon. But if you can shift into gratitude, there is something you can gain from it.

At 5:36pm the Sun at 25:11 Gemini Squares Chiron at 25:11 Pisces.

The Sun is realtime, clarity, purpose and our goals. In Gemini, the Sun is helping us set new annual goals around local community, siblings/cousins/neighbors, local transportation, rumor mill stuff and all vehicles.

Chiron in Pisces is often some subtle emotional manipulation. There is some hidden agenda that the Sun is going to shine some light on, but it may not be an easy thing to see. However, if you can find some soulful gratitude for the typical human pain associated with the human experience, then you can shift into 5D and remember this is ONLY an experience.

There are no aspects made between the Transiting Planets on Thursday, but Friday night has 2 magical aspects and the 2nd Square between the Saturn and Neptune EXACTS!


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