A New Lifestyle Awaits Us – Jun 7

Snapshot: Tuesday is such a busy day energetically that it is bound to shake a few things loose for many of us. We have been experiencing many changes around work, especially WHERE we work, as many change jobs. On Jun 7 (Tuesday) we have 7 aspects with 4 of them occurring from the Sun and Venus in Gemini as they are still tightly Conjunct with Venus gaining on the Sun. Mercury gets the last word as he makes the last 3 aspects of the day. Mars sits in the middle with a magical aspect to Jupiter.

The day can only be summarized by breaking down the various aspects here:

At 12:14am Venus at 16:55 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Retrograde at 16:55 Capricorn.

At 2:02am the Sun at 16:55 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Retrograde at 16:55 Capricorn.

As the Sun and Venus are so tightly Conjunct and meet Pluto on the EXACT same degree and minute, this is a 3-way aspect that is tightly merged energetically.

Basically, it is clarity (Sun) around our desires and our personal resources (Venus) that are getting adjusted against the way we use someone father-like authorities’ (Capricorn) money or resources (Pluto). It may also be about intimacy desires (sensual touch, sex and honesty) that need adjusting. This is likely involving someone in your neighborhood, local community, siblings/cousins, or some vehicle or transportation issue. It can be around some contract or other form of communication. The bottom-line is there is an adjustment that needs to be made.

At 3:40am Venus at 17:06 Gemini Squares the North Node at 17:06 Virgo.

See below with Sun.

At 5:26am Mars Retrograde at 26:29 Scorpio Quintiles Jupiter at 14:29 Virgo.

As Venus and the Sun are Squaring the Soulful North Node, Mars in Scorpio is making magic with Jupiter in Virgo where we are implementing our new lifestyle. Mars is reviewing our intimate dealings. Are we being transparent and honest enough? This aspect means that we will have magical motivations for intimacy that will align with our new lifestyle. Nice!

At 6:06am the Sun at 17:05 Gemini Squares the North Node at 17:05 Virgo.

Paired with Venus, we have another 3-way aspect that clarifies our desires as a challenge to our new Soulful lifestyle philosophy. On Jun 20, Jupiter will Conjunct the North Node in Virgo at 15:47. The North Node and Jupiter are within orb NOW. Throw in Mars and we have a 5-way aspect today!

Basically, as Gemini Squares Virgo in the Earth’s (natural) chart, we know these energies can be at odds and require growth to move through them in a Square.

Your new financial desires in your local community/transportation meet the challenge of your new lifestyle philosophy. Perhaps you want that new ‘job’ or lifestyle, but you don’t have the money for a vehicle to get you there. If you at this aspect, the Sun will provide the clarity to find a solution. It may not be the one you thought you desired, but it COULD work. There may be a Soulful connection to someone you are going to carpool with that you need to learn work through. Or perhaps you are still in negotiations for the salary that you need to take the job and unless they pay the extra amount, you won’t be able to have the lifestyle you want.

This aspect should NOT be about the money at all, but rather your values and your new way of living in abundance that doesn’t require CERTAINTY. You may need to jump into the situation and figure it out from there. Like being thrown in the water to learn to swim. Once in, if you can’t make it, some sibling (or some other Gemini character) will throw you a lifeline.

Throw in the magic of Mars and Jupiter and we have magical higher-perspective to assist us in mapping out HOW we are going to have what we need for resources to implement our new lifestyle!

At 10:14am Mercury at 23:26 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 23:26 Aries.

So while all of these aspects were likely occurring as we were sleeping, we will now wake up with the WORDS to express the awareness of all that has happened! Mercury in connection to Uranus means that our words will be coming from a Higher Mind rather than the lower/3D mind of Mercury alone.

Venus rules Mercury in Taurus and Mercury rules Venus in Gemini. They are in Mutual Reception and can ‘trade places!’ Just like many of us in our workplaces are simply ‘trading places’ in a musical chairs sort of way.

So Mercury will be expressing our desires for resources to apply to our new Soulful lifestyle philosophy. This mutual reception means that we will likely SEE (Sun) where our resources (Venus/Taurus) are to acquire that car (Mercury/Gemini), or other mode of transportation, to get us on the road to freedom (Uranus) as we implement our new Soulful lifestyle philosophy (North Node and Jupiter in Virgo. Mars has us reviewing HOW we share ourselves and our resources with others and with honesty intact, we can move forward boldly in harmony with any benefactors we have in our lives!!

And so the world turns with so many pieces falling into place to bring us to a new REALITY! And all of this occurred before lunchtime!!

At 11:11pm Mercury at 24:02 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 12:02 Pisces.

Mercury magically aligns with a Higher Mind Planet to bring us a solid, deep sense of our new REALITY minus ANY 3D or 4D fears!! With this aspect, our words will express the new reality we are collectively birthing at this time. No more fears around lack. No more worries around touch. It is time to reconnect to each other Soulfully and constructively by sharing what we have with others in order to achieve the type of lifestyle our Souls long for. It doesn’t get any better 🙂

All the while Pluto Retrograde is exacting a Trine to the North Node that will give us the BACKING (Pluto) and SUPPORT (Capricorn) of our collective public structures and authorities to IMPLEMENT the Soulful new lifestyle philosophy we have been seeing and moving towards. From Jun 12 to Jun 26, Jupiter and the North Node will be exacting Trines to Pluto in Capricorn shifting our outer authorities to mirror our Soulful and big-picture perspective of the ways we should ‘serve’ each other via our work, our service, our duty, our volunteering and our health (all Virgo areas).

AND the 2nd Saturn Square to Neptune occurs in the SAME window of time!!! We are shifting so much right now… Just GO WITH IT!! And behold your new way of LIVING 🙂


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