Uranus Makes Soulful Magic – Jun 5 & 6

Snapshot: Midafternoon on Sunday, we will have some Soulful revelations hit us that could shake up our current path to freedom or our new lifestyle philosophy in some way. New ways we can be of service to others could be magically revealed and we will fall right into doing it. On Monday, our goals and desires will align around community events and areas of transportation and relating to our siblings and neighbors. We will SEE just what our available resources are that we can apply to these goals.

Here are the details:

At 2:25pm on Sunday, Uranus at 23:22 Aries Biquintiles the North Node at 17:22 Virgo.

Here we have some very deep stuff going on. Uranus can bring us magically flashes of Soul-level memory with this aspect. We could find ourselves suddenly changing the ways we serve others. Or making a turn on our own path to freedom in order to serve someone that will magically assist us on the rest of our path. Any recollection of Soul-level memory will serve us well as we move forward towards our new lifestyle philosophy AND our own path to freedom. We may have flashes of insight into how much we all have changed as we consider that as we each sought our own freedom, we were ushering in a new lifestyle for ALL.

At 5:49pm on Monday, the Sun at 16:36 Gemini Conjuncts Venus at 16:36 Gemini.

Here we have clarity around our desires for community. We can easily set new goals around our earned income, acquisition of resources and transportation needs. We will find some beauty in our community that we want to enhance or see ways to develop more beauty in our communities. You may find a car that you love! Or you might a woman you would like to get to know better as she is a successful community leader.

Depending on which House you have each of these aspects in your Natal Chart, as well as Planets near these degrees, you will see far more of each of these aspects.

For instance, if Uranus is in your 5th House of children and creativity, your children may be the ones revealing to your some Soul-level memory! Or you may have flashes of creativity hit you that reaches down to your toes in the impact that you feel from it.

If the Sun and Venus are in your 7th House of partnership, then you will find your partner particularly attractive and enjoy the goals they set for you over the next few weeks.

The House placement of these degrees in your chart tells you the WHO of the rest of the story. So be sure to consult your chart to see if you recognize how each of these aspects plays out uniquely in YOUR life;)

This message is likely the 1st aspect in MY chart:) Because Uranus is Transiting my 11th House of Astrology by Rising Sign and the North Node is Transiting my 11th House of Astrology by Sun Sign. When you realize the Universe is a Transient Circuit Board, you will have Soul-level memory coming through!


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  1. “…as we each sought our own freedom, we were ushering in a new lifestyle for ALL.” I LOVE this! Thank you, Beth!

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