Mutable Grand Cross New Moon – Jun 4

This New Moon is sure to usher in some big changes over the next few weeks as it completes a Mutable Grand Cross which is a great, gear-shift of energy over 4 areas of your life.

Exact at 10:59pm on Saturday night, the Moon at 14:53 Gemini Conjuncts the Sun. The Moon Conjuncts Venus at 10:07pm at 14:21 Gemini as he is applying to the Sun.

But the Sun, Moon, Venus stellium in Gemini fills in the empty corner of a Grand Cross in the 4 Mutable Signs: Gemini (Sun, Moon, Venus); Virgo (Jupiter); Sagittarius (Saturn) and Pisces (Neptune).

There is a lot that could be written about this Grand Cross, but you are likely already seeing the full effects of it. People are ‘trading/changing’ jobs all over the place. This is to satisfy their new focused philosophy (Saturn in Sagittarius) and lifestyle goals (Jupiter in Virgo). The Sun, Moon and Venus are now in position to come up with goals, feelings and desires to align with the new reality (Neptune in Pisces) that we are birthing as a result of the March 8 Solar Eclipse.

You see, a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Pisces, the subconscious, is hidden from us until it manifests as we move through the progression of the Signs. Pisces externalizes his new reality via Virgo energy. We are seeing people changing jobs and living situations, all Virgo areas, as this great, gear-shift of the Grand Cross continues.

It will stay in effect as Saturn Retrograde applies to his 2nd Square to Neptune on Jun 17. Neptune is already at 12:01 Pisces and pulling into his Retrograde Station that occurs on Jun 14, just ahead of the next Square to Saturn. Both Planets will be in Retrograde motion at their next Square.

This Grand Cross will begin to change up our old Karmic structures in order for a very new set of physical structures get put in place.

This New Moon is a great opportunity to align with the energies of the 2nd Saturn/Neptune Square while also implementing our new lifestyle philosophy. We will be morphing our reality!

To further assist us, we have Uranus applying to an exact Biquintile (5D/double-magic aspect) to the North Node in Virgo on Sunday morning.

This is a biggie! Uranus has been helping each of us to find our personal paths to freedom… away from the corruption of the public authorities and public structures that Pluto has been revealing to us. Now as he makes a double-magic aspect to the North Node in Virgo, we can expect to see soulful, new ways of living that support us each finding our personal freedom. There will be lifestyle changes you will suddenly be able to make in a magical way!

Uranus is Conjunct Eris, the Asteroid of Discord, at this meeting with the North Node. Any discord in your life is sure to provide you magical awareness of things you need to change in order to find more freedom and a more authentic way of being and living.

Our reality will not be the same after this Grand Cross and the 2nd Saturn/Neptune Square.  Are you ready for it? That’s what Uranus and the North Node will be preparing you for.

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