Ouch! And a New Moon in Gemini

Snapshot: The next few days we have a series of 3D Squares and Oppositions. First, our desires get a subconscious check, then we contrast our goals and desires against our point of focused accountability where Saturn has been holding our toes to the fire. Then our goals and desires meet the challenge of having to align with our new lifestyle. While there may be some angst in all of this, the overall effect should be very helpful. The New Moon is  the help we will need to smooth out any rough edges.

Here are the details:

At 12:14am on Friday morning (just after midnight), Venus at 12:01 Gemini Squares Neptune at 12:01 Pisces.

There is some tension between our desires and our subconscious. Something needs to be addressed in order for the results to work out as we would like. The Sun met Neptune last night so we had the clarity we need to help us manage this aspect at that time.

At 2:37am the Sun at 13:07 Gemini Opposes Saturn Retrograde at 13:07 Sagittarius.

Here our goals around our community events, siblings, neighbors, transportation or communications gets to reconcile with Saturn’s focused, accountability in our overall optimism and new philosophical approach to life.

Saturn in Sagittarius has us looking at the big picture, not just the local one. We need to embrace foreigners and use new ideas in our local communities in order to keep them viable. This is one way this aspect could affect you.

Saturn, which rules public structures, is nearing his 2nd Square to Neptune in Pisces which is dissolving the structures of our Sagittarius areas of life. These areas include: religious practices, entities, colleges and universities (student loans could be forgiven to start), foreign borders (which will likely become more open), seniors and their speculation for the future and much more.

Today is a good chance to see how this dissolving will affect you in your local neighborhoods.

At 8:47pm on Friday night, Venus at 13:04 Gemini Opposes Saturn Retrograde at 13:04 Sagittarius.

This is really a 3-way kind of aspect which merges our goals (Sun) and our desires (Venus) around local things in contrast to our global situations. What resources do we have locally that we may need to keep track of as Sagittarian areas of life continue to dissolve in earnest this summer?

On a personal level, this is about attraction (Venus) and accountability to any attraction that you have. Saturn will remind you of where you need to be accountable rather than just doing as you please.

At 6:57am on Saturday morning, the Sun at 14:15 Gemini Squares Jupiter at 14:15 Virgo.

Here we have to see how our goals around local community things jive with our new lifestyle philosophy. Many of us are leaving old jobs behind. And the people replacing us will get a better deal, but so we will at the next place. So with this many changes, our entire workplace has to undergo the changes necessary for us each to implement our new lifestyle philosophy. Less work is more fulfilling. Smarter work is a better service. Abundance is the quality of service that allows us free time as well.

At 8:48pm on Saturday night, Venus at 14:17 Gemini Squares Jupiter at 14:17 Virgo.

Our local community desires and resources will be challenged to align with our new lifestyle philosophy. Or our sense of relating needs to be extended to a larger community that we serve.

At 10:45pm on Saturday night, the Moon at 14:53 Gemini Conjuncts the Sun at 14:53 Gemini creating the New Moon in this Sign. This is a ‘fresh start’ in the Gemini areas of our lives.

Venus will be at 14:23 Gemini, tightly Conjunct both luminaries. This is a powerful New Moon for looking at local resources to support our new lifestyle philosophy. We will be able to set goals that truly support local needs and global needs at the same time.

We are moving into the brave, new world where there are fewer national structures, where there is greater personal freedoms and where our daily work routine is replaced with a new philosophy of how to live a more productive, abundant and fulfilling life.


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