Magical Clarity – May 31

Snapshot: On Monday we had some irritating awareness around our desires involving our local community, siblings, neighbors or transportation. Then we entered into the Grand Earth Trine with some easy communication about our resources and those we share with others. On Tuesday we have some magic between our goals for community events and those who are the backers or financial supporters of those projects.

Here are the details: (Though Monday’s event have already occurred, it is helpful to identify each aspect as the nuggets of awareness that lead to us to the mother lode as we travel on.)

At 8:32pm on Monday night, Venus at 8:08 Gemini Semi-Squared Uranus at 23:08 Scorpio.

This was a bit of awareness that may have irritated but served its purpose to show us any new desires we have for earned income in our local communities. We may have found new ways to assert ourselves as we realized what we wanted to acquire. Venus and Uranus bring us changed desires. What did you see in a flash that showed you how your desires have changed?

At 11:09pm on Monday night, Mercury at 17:04 Taurus Trined Pluto Retrograde at 17:04 Capricorn.

Here the words would have created an ease around the sharing of your resources and those of other peoples. You would have been able to discuss your ideas easily with those in positions of authority in order to arrive at some place where you knew what suited both of you.

At 10:43pm on Tuesday night, the Sun at 11:03 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Retrograde at 11:03 Capricorn.

Here our goals for community activities and transportation needs magically meet with some support and backing from some father-like or public authority. Or we can see what our intimate goals are and their viability within our neighborhood circles.

Pluto has been at 17+ degrees Capricorn since March 5th and the Sun’s clarity could go a long ways towards showing us what Pluto’s message has been here. The magic will allow us to rise above any previous issues with authorities so we can achieve the goals we are setting without so much friction from them.

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