Magical Window

Snapshot: On Sunday night and early Monday morning, we have 2 back-to-back magical aspects. The 1st centers around healing in the areas of communication and/or local community and your own resources. The 2nd is about passionate transparent sharing and our own path to personal freedom. These 5D aspects offer us an opportunity to move through things with magical ease that can feel surreal.

Here are the details:

At 8:21pm on Sunday night Venus at 6:54 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 24:54 Pisces.

If you need a bit of healing around your communications with a love interest, this is a good time for that. Or if you have anyone you need to reach out and touch, this is the night for it. You will be able to move past any emotional roadblocks and see them soulfully. Or if you have been worried about vehicles or resources, you may suddenly find the issue gets magically resolved. Maybe a woman comes to your assistance.

At 12:31am on Monday morning, Mars Retrograde at 29:06 Scorpio Biquintiles Uranus at 23:06 Aries.

Mars back in Scorpio is helping us to clear up any problems around intimacy. Intimacy requires transparency, honesty and openness. We reviewing the ways we pursue intimacy in order for it to align with our new philosophy (Mars in Sagittarius). Mars rules Uranus right now as he Transits Aries. So there is plenty of action with this aspect. Pursuit of awareness and intimacy creates an interesting mix.

It has been said that man touches ‘god’ (Uranus is god-like revelation) at the point of climax when his lower mind (Mercury) is overridden or turned off for a few seconds.

This may well be a perfect example of the magic Mars in Scorpio can create when aligned with Uranus in Aries. However, there are likely to be REAL flashes of insight if you let it in. And you don’t have to be having sex to feel this one! You may simply be working through any sharing of resources that creates some magical awareness stemming from your actions.

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