Jupiter Square Saturn, Round 2

Snapshot: On Thursday morning we wake up to a new philosophy around our new lifestyle and abundance. There may be a challenge that requires us to work through how to integrate both of these philosophies into a global, over-arching approach to life.

Here are the details:

At 8:28am Jupiter at 13:42 Virgo Squares Saturn Retrograde at 13:42 Sagittarius.

This is the 2nd Square between Jupiter and Saturn as they Transit the respective Signs of Virgo and Sagittarius. Their first Squares occurred on Mar 23 at the Lunar Eclipse as Saturn was preparing to Station Retrograde. We were feeling the pressure of too much work that Jupiter in Virgo brings and Saturn’s holding us accountable to a single point of focus as Saturn slowed to Retrograde and hovered at 16 degrees of Sagittarius for nearly 6 weeks.

Jupiter has been helping us to create a global work philosophy that brings more enjoyment to our daily tasks. We do need to work smarter and not harder. We need to understand WHAT we are working for and how our work fits into the global cog of the world spinning on its axis.

Saturn in Jupiter’s Sign, Sagittarius, seems to restrict our optimism while we focus on some specific philosophy to create more abundance and goodwill. Saturn doesn’t often make us feel optimistic, but that is because our optimism needs to be grounded in some structures that we can make real.

And so we have this Square to help us see how these 2 very different approaches can be merged into a lifestyle philosophy that incorporates new work philosophies with creating in greater abundance. Abundance is NOT about acquiring, but rather LIVING with knowing we will have enough. That is a big step for many as we begin to wrap-up the ‘work ethic’ era of the Baby-Boomers for a new world of the Vast, Transformational Change the early 20-somethings are birthing between now and 2018.


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