Venus Meets the Heavyweights of Passion

Snapshot: Tuesday night will have a boxing match of Venus vs. Mars which will bring out the best in both of them, right? And on Wednesday, Venus continues in the ring with an adjustment to Pluto that creates an ease… intimacy wins out after a bit of adjustment.

Here are the details:

At 10:38pm on Tuesday, Venus at 0:52 Gemini Opposes Mars Retrograde at 0:52 Sagittarius.

The battle is really being fought within you between your own ‘male’ and ‘female’ energies. But it may express itself outwardly so you can see it more clearly. In Gemini, we can create duality, but believe in the duality and you end up with some Karma to clear. Mars is being high-minded in Sagittarius and less likely to fall for any jealousy that a lower vibration of Venus might create. It would be best to strike a balance within yourself as Sagittarius can allow you to see the big picture of any duality and converge it into oneness again.

This aspect is a chance for you to see how to do 5D relating-ships from a higher perspective than the dual-nature of Gemini by leveraging the Sagittarius end of things.

At 11:44pm on Wednesday, Venus at 2:09 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Retrograde at 17:09 Capricorn.

Here Venus, who may be acting a bit childish, has to adjust herself under Pluto’s stern glare. But once she does, there is an ease that leads to an intimate merging of ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ between bodies or bank accounts;)

If Venus is afraid to share (Gemini is duality), then she will need to trust some father-like authority or public authority a bit in order for the business deal to move forward.

All of this is occurring as Jupiter and Saturn have their final Square to each other from the Virgo/Sagittarius positions. We are being challenged to hold our accountability around our abundance philosophy while implementing our new lifestyle philosophy.

See how much you have grown in creating a lifestyle that actually creates a more abundant feeling in your life. More is not always the best answer. Less work, more enjoyment could create a simpler and more fulfilling life overall.


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