Venus Encounters the Higher Minds

Snapshot: Early Wednesday morning, we will have flashes of awareness around changed desires, the state of our resources and out-of-the-box ideas to get more of what we want. Early Thursday morning, maybe as you sleep, you will have some magical ideas of how to make your desire dreams a reality. And Thursday night brings some healing to any ‘lack’ you have or have known before.

Here are the details:

At 4:13am on Wednesday morning, Venus at 22:33 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 22:33 Aries.

Here we have some changed (Uranus) desires (Venus) on ways to acquire resources to help us along our personal path to freedom. Or we will have awareness (Uranus) of how to use our resources (Venus) to get started on our path to freedom. Or we will have awareness around our beauty, women in general, and any changed values.

There are many ways this can play out. See if you can identify the aspect. Venus and Uranus can create a love-at-first-sight type of feeling or surprising attraction of all kinds.

At 5:56am on Thursday morning, Venus at 23:52 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 11:52 Pisces.

Here we have magical subconscious desires that can be realized. There is NO resistance to loving someone and reaching out to touch them. You can expect to harmonious feelings with anyone around you.

Relating-ships are effortless and magical so make the most of this 5D aspect.

At 8:28pm on Thursday night, Venus at 24:36 Taurus Sextiles Chiron at 24:36 Pisces.

There is an opportunity for healing any sort of ‘lack’ you feel in your life at the moment or an old wounding around lack that you can work through at this time. Reach out to anyone you feel has slighted you and see if you can release that pain.

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