New Ways to ‘Work/Serve’ are Emerging

There are no aspects made between the Transiting Planets from Monday and Tuesday, but there is much that is falling into place.

With 3 Personal Planets in Taurus, we are beginning to see new ways for us to ‘earn’ our keep here. New ways for us to acquire resources are emerging. It isn’t all hammered out until Mercury moves Direct again (on May 23), but its taking shape.

Plus we have Jupiter in Direct motion again helping us implement our new lifestyle philosophy. We’re done with ‘work/work/work’ and onto finding meaningful ways to be of service.

The Solar Eclipse of March 8 occurred in the Sign of Pisces, Conjunct Chiron. This has had 2 effects that we have all seemed to notice:
1) We didn’t exactly SEE what was ahead of us as a ‘fresh start’ in the subconscious Sign is hidden and nebulous… we’ve had to operate on trust.

2) We have likely manifested a few things that were our subconscious wounding and we are dealing with that so we can heal it.

Most of us have had some ‘anger’ in the mix of the last few months… unexpectedly. Uranus, which is unexpected, in the Sign of Aries, which can be anger, has had us dealing with this along with Saturn in Sagittarius confining our ‘optimism’ until we get the message of where to FOCUS our efforts for the time being.

With the Eclipse in Pisces and our direction forward being unclear, it can be easy to get a bit angry with the way things are going. Aries wants to rush, but towards what? was the question we were facing.

Mars, our ‘go’ energy, in Sagittarius is motivated for optimism and Saturn, our ‘stop’ energy is pulling us in what feels like the opposite direction. And now both are Retrograde adding to the changed expression of our Sagittarius optimism.

Still, now we are beginning to see (Sun) the ways we will acquire what we need, what we desire (Venus) to acquire and how that is going to get scheduled in (Mercury). So Taurus is laying the groundwork for the next cycle.

Whatever we were acting on while the Sun, Mercury and Venus were in Aries, is now being put into a base for the growth ahead.




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