Soulful Desires – May 15

Snapshot: On Sunday night our desires will be very Soulful and healing will begin around some of our work/service/duty/health issues. We will see the things we value in a new light. Our 5D relating-ships will feel beautiful and healthy to our overall creature comforts.

At 7:28pm Venus at 19:38 Taurus Trines the North Node at 19:38 Virgo.

Venus rules our desires, our values, our available resources, our relating-ships, beauty and all forms of refined reciprocity and she is in a Sign she rules so her energy is very straight-forward to her truest nature.

The North Node in Virgo has been working in tandem with Jupiter to help us form a new lifestyle philosophy. Virgo, in 3D, rules ‘work and service’ to others as one of the ways we can secure the resources Venus desires. Or simply volunteering or ‘doing’ for others for a wide variety of reasons. Virgo, however, is the Sign of the accountant as well and, in 3D, is very anal in their focus.

The North Node is a Soul-Level point that is bringing us lessons around Virgo energies for the 18 months of this present Transit. The North Node ingressed Virgo on Nov 12, 2015. You may recall your focus shifted from finding your deep, inner serenity to trying to get a handle on the extra work Jupiter began throwing at you in late Aug when he ingressed Virgo.

The Soulful perspective of Virgo is more about finding ways to serve that further your Soul Awareness and global perspective (Jupiter). Virgo rules all of your daily activities and the ‘schedule’ of your days. Rather than punch a time clock, we are more wanting to create a lifestyle that involves serving (another Virgo energy) others that feeds our souls. Its finding a passion for the ways you serve.

As Venus Trines the North Node, we will find ways to use our own resources to support our new lifestyle philosophy, to find ways to serve our relating-ships more soulfully and healing any old 3D angst to our central nervous system from the old 3D ‘work ethic’ we are trying to break free from.

With Jupiter Direct again, and applying to Conjunct the North Node, we are NOW implementing our new lifestyle philosophy and Venus in Trine is adding value to the entire concept.

Our new lifestyle will incorporate more abundance because the service now feeds our soul.

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