Venus, Jupiter & Saturn – May 10&11

Snapshot: All day on Tuesday we will have a very easy feeling between our resources and our new lifestyle goals. Use this time to see what resources you have available to pursue your new ideas around being of ‘service’ rather than just working for no clear purpose. On Wednesday, the energy will shift to making adjustments to the ease you feel on Tuesday. But these 2 aspects are building towards the 3rd Square of Jupiter to Saturn on May 26 that will refine your ‘Abundance Philosophy.’

Here are the details:

At 3:00pm on Tuesday, Venus at 13:15 Taurus Trines Jupiter at 13:15 Virgo.

Jupiter is newly Direct and will be moving us now towards our new lifestyle philosophy. Venus is in her own Sign and operating at her fullest potential to help us realize desires around the resources we have or require for the next phase of things. The Trine means that there should be some ease felt between these 2 areas of our lives. But Trines can be very easy and we may not use them fully. We might simply enjoy the feeling and not shift into the magical realm that a Trine can help us achieve if we pay attention.

So today, look for relating-ships that support your new lifestyle. Look for resources you might have that you didn’t notice before. Look for ways to work with foreigners or big-picture thinkers to map out your new course.

At 7:08pm on Wednesday, Venus at 14:42 Taurus Quincunx Saturn Retrograde at 14:42 Sagittarius.

Now that you have some of your desires, resources and relating-ships firmed up, it is time to adjust the use of them to the FOCUS Saturn has held you to since March. Which area of your life have you been fixated on for all this time? Saturn is in the Sign that Jupiter rules, Sagittarius, and holding us response-able to developing a philosophy of optimism, expansion and global thinking. Saturn in Sagittarius doesn’t always FEEL like expansion, however, as Saturn balances Jupiter/Sagittarius expansion with some restriction. But this restriction is really a form of ‘channeling’ your energies into one area of focus. So what is that area? What have you been responding to for the past 2 months now?

Whatever it is, it will now require an adjustment to be made in order to facilitate more progress in this area. How do you need to adjust this philosophy to align with what Venus and Jupiter were showing you yesterday?

On May 26, Jupiter will make his last Square to Saturn. This will be a challenge to refine our new lifestyle philosophy with our global philosophy of optimism and expansion once we have figured out which specific area to ‘expand’ via Saturn narrowing our focus.

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