Jupiter Direct and Abundance Philosophy Explained – May 9

Just prior to the Sun and Mercury’s Inferior Conjunction on Monday, at 8:12am, Jupiter at 13:15 Virgo Stations Direct. The review of our new Lifestyle M.O. is over and we will begin to implement our new philosophy starting NOW.

Jupiter sitting in a Trine to Pluto and the Sun and Mercury at their Inferior Conjunction is a very helpful thing. Then throw in that he is now applying to Square Saturn again and in a very tight orb to Opposition to Neptune and wherever you have Jupiter in your chart you are now operating in sync with the other energies to create this new lifestyle for us all.

The Grand Earth Trine will be at play for a while yet with Mercury Retrograding back towards Pluto and then Jupiter and Venus moving towards Jupiter and then Pluto from the Sign she rules, Taurus.

BIG help is available to get us into a new lifestyle of abundance.

Here is the Abundant Philosophy I developed in 2010 as the North Node Transited Sagittarius, my 2nd House of earned income and available resources by Sun Sign:

  1. Seeing anything as ‘mine’ is separation consciousness. So everything belongs to the Universe (created by our consciousness).
  2. Money is a currency and Universe rules it and electrical currents. You switch off the abundance to yourself by going into fear. Reach a state of ‘no fear’ and abundance will flow to you again.
  3. If someone asks me for ‘money’ and I have it, it is theirs. I KNOW the Universe abhors a vacuum and I will be filled again with what I need.
  4. Giving WITHOUT thought of RETURN is essential. To take money that someone isn’t very willing to give you is like poison to your soul. GIVE FREELY!!
  5. For the current to work, you must also be a great RECEIVER!! If you can’t receive a gift, the entire circuit gets disrupted.
  6. Rather than practice ‘earning’ anything, try to operate as giving and receiving from the unexpected sources that Uranus provides you.
  7. If you give without any thought of return, you and the person you GIVE to are blessed tenfold according to any spiritual philosophy that ever existed.
  8. If you receive without any thought of having to return, the person who GAVE you something and yourself are blessed tenfold.
  9. STOP working for MONEY and starting GIFTING your SERVICE. DO things because you  want to rather than HAVE to.
  10. Have no social obligations. Let them all go! Listen to the awareness of the Universe to sending your blessings as your consciousness knows to do.
  11. Don’t ASK someone to help you as this implies repayment. Trust the Universe. If you stay out of fear, you will create what you need.
  12. In 5D consciousness, WE KNOW how to CREATE what we desire by having NO 3D fear or 4D Karmic response. We use our Merlin Minds to bend the wave of light, creating a slipknot that becomes ‘matter.’

So this weekend, like just about 2 years, I was motivating an acquaintance (aka client in 3D) regarding her current state of financial stress.

When she told me that her and her husband both had no jobs, back account was overdrawn and graduations and other big expenditures on the horizon, I told her what I told a close friend 2 years. 2 years ago, Linda called me to say she was losing her apartment, her job and had bills to pay. She asked me if she could come live with me in the motel room I had been in for the last few months serving the owners in exchange.

I told her that I couldn’t do that as my awareness was not to do so. She was in fear and if she came to stay with me, she wouldn’t conquer her fear. I also told her that I wasn’t throwing ‘money’ into the blackhole of her ‘fear-based’ debt as I had walked away from my own when my life came to this same type of situation.

I told her that I was going to suggest to her the ONLY way to get through this that actually WORKS!! She is a spiritual person and knows all of the beliefs of religion as well. I told her that the weekend before, the last before being evicted, was the perfect opportunity for her. All she needed to do was to sit in that apartment and recall EVERY faithful thing she ever thought she believed until she ACTUALLY believed it. I told her that if she didn’t try to find someone who bail her out, but trusted the Universe instead, she would find that once she trusted that, the blessings would flow.

I knew she wasn’t sure I was actually being a good friend, at first, but she didn’t have many options. So she struggled with the fear and when she was finally able to kind of laugh at her situation, she posted on Facebook that she was now even out of toilet paper. And that’s when Uranus delivered. He rules the social network, surprise and philanthropy.

Over the next few days she had friends sending her many things and one friend offered to sell her household stuff on Craigslist so she would have the money to move to Florida where another friend told her that she could live in her empty trailer next to hers until she found a job and could begin paying rent.

I think I had to call her back to see how she did over 4 days and she told me what was happening. I know I part of her still thought that I should have done something, but I knew she would eventually understand WHY. She had conquered her fear and opened up to the abundant awareness of the Universe!! It was awesome to hear her story… wish I KNEW would work out!! That is my KNOWING of consciousness. I did tell her I would ‘pray’ with her over those 4 days;) Because in consciousness we are all connected anyway!

So this weekend, when this acquaintance called, I told her Linda’s story. I told her that she needed to look at the situation in a completely NEW WAY.

In fact, I told her she was exactly where she needed to be. I told Linda this, too. Your consciousness actually brought you out of a job you hated and now you have the ability to implement your new lifestyle philosophy of abundance! YOU brought yourself here to create the NEW REALITY that you want to manifest!!

Embrace it!! Your ‘debt’ is just your FEAR quantified! It isn’t REAL unless you buy into it. In consciousness, it is simply RESOLVING KARMIC FEAR that gets you ‘out of debt’ and it is simply wiped away when you release the fear. The ‘authorities’ that you are afraid of only have authority over you when you ARE afraid. Lose the fear and they disappear… remember my Zombie video?

There is a BIG REASON many of us are ‘losing’ our jobs!! We don’t need them anymore. We we all CREATED and SHARED, we would have all that we DESIRE!

Go forth and leave the fear behind you! It is a brand new day of consciousness that is breaking the chains of oppression over your mind:)




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