RESOLVING LACK & Mercury Eclipse – May 9

Snapshot: Monday is one of only roughly 6 days each year that our thoughts and ideas are in sync with realtime. Add to that that the clarity we receive is infused with Soulfulness and, wow, what a day! But it doesn’t stop there, the day starts with a productive aspect to our subconscious desires around abundance and healing of any ‘lack’ we feel. Excellent day to get clear on your new abundant philosophy and lifestyle.

Here are the details:

At 8:41am Venus at 11:42 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 11:42 Pisces.

Here we have a great opportunity to bring new desires up that align with abundance rather than ‘lack.’ The thing is, abundance is NOT about having a huge bank account to fall back on. ‘Saving’ is just hedging your bets against the providential goodwill of the Universe, which YOU create in consciousness whether you are doing it in 3D, 4D or 5D energies. So, I hope to create a video over the next few days to capture the abundant philosophy I have lived by since 2010. It should be tied to the Merlin Mind videos I still need to produce as well. But RESOLVING our 3D LACK is the KEY to moving forward AT THIS TIME for ALL of us. If you think that ANYTHING in the physical world can SOLVE your fear of LACK, you are totally in 3D or 4D and forgetting your own consciousness.

At 11:12am the Sun at 19:25 Taurus Conjuncts Mercury Retrograde at 19:25 Taurus.

This is called their ‘Inferior Conjunction’ and is the seed time of the next 160-day cycle between them. As you have been reviewing your ideas around resources as Mercury comes back to meet the Sun, you have some clarity today on what your new reality should really look like. Today our thoughts and ideas (Mercury) align with realtime (as shown by the Sun’s position in the Zodiac Wheel). One of 6 days each year! So pay close attention to what gets expressed today and see what new goals seem to form for you showing you what lies ahead.

Now, there are some Astrologers who call this a Mercury Eclipse as on this Inferior Conjunction, Mercury is passing over the face of the Sun from the Earth’s perspective. However, Mercury is only 1/158 of the size of the Sun so it is very difficult to detect. I stumbled on a technical site yesterday that was discussing this. As I don’t go looking for technical Astrological stuff, when it crosses my path, I know it take a look. And it seems to align precisely with what I have been trying to express to you:

This is an exceptional time to RESOLVE 3D Limitation Thinking!!

No surprise there. But they do tie it historically to this actually passing of Mercury across the Sun’s face to pointing to major shifts in the market. I don’t like to really write about the physical world, so I don’t discuss this much. Still, if we are ALL working on a new abundant philosophy (Sun, Mercury, Venus in Taurus have us getting clear about our resources and goals around them; Jupiter/North Node in Virgo have us creating a work lifestyle philosophy; Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius sign of speculation in 3D and 4D; Pluto transforming structures in Capricorn of government, banks and corporations), this Mercury Eclipse SHOULD be a big shift in consciousness around LEAVING Limitation Thinking!! So get on board, will you?!!

Its as if the Sun is actually BLOCKING out Mercury’s lower mind ideas as this aspect occurs thereby allowing us to FORGET our old 3D thoughts.

Just for shits and grins, here is a link to a mock-up of this Eclipse:  Why do I snicker at this? See for yourself how boring this is unless you KNOW what the energy of this aspect ACTUALLY creates;)

At 9:20pm the Sun at 19:49 Taurus Trines the North Node in Virgo.

Here we have SOULFUL CLARITY around HOW to leave this LIMITATION THINKING!! Mercury Trined the North Node on Sunday morning, but is still in orb as the Sun makes the same aspect! This is a SOULFUL transition from 3D Limitation thinking to 5D CONSCIOUSNESS that KNOWS no limits:)

End of story. You could actually walk away from your job under these aspects. You could simply walk out knowing that all will be fine because you now BELIEVE (philosophy) in some deeper truth of how this REALITY is actually CREATED!!

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