New Moon in Taurus – May 6

Until 3:29pm on Friday, we are in the Dark of the Moon sensing the ‘fresh start’ energies of this New Moon. It is the perfect time to align with the goals the Sun has for us over the next 4 weeks. It is not about us setting our ‘intentions,’ but rather feeling the energies and moving with the potentiality they provide to us.

In 3D and 4D we think we have ‘freewill’ and that we must WORK to create our goals. In 5D, we FEEL the energies and create with them. There is no Karmic consequence because you are in harmony with all that is. You live in a state of meditation and from there can increase the potentialities. Thinking we have ‘freewill’ is what got us into 3D in the first place. Freewill is steeped in 3D separation consciousness. In 5D, we live in the cosmic soup of energies and breathe in and breathe out a new way of being.

The New Moon in Taurus is all about realizing our desires. Planting the seeds of those desires and watching them grow as we continue through the Zodiac Wheel. Taurus is the time for planting, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Taurus is Fixed Earth and we need to seed our potential harvest.

Feeling the Sun and Moon energies of this New Moon will allow you to know which seeds to plant and nurture, where to plant, how to plant and so on.

As the Sun, Mercury and Venus ended the last cycle as they Transited Pisces, what our harvest is going to look like is slowly emerging into our ‘reality’. As the Sun and Mercury meet in their Inferior Conjunction on Monday, we will see even more clearly what is up ahead. These 2 Planets determine the reality of our conscious/physical world.

This New Moon has the Sun and Moon in the Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. It is a very auspicious time to plant and create (Sun and Moon in Taurus) your new lifestyle (Jupiter and North Node in Virgo) while taking back your personal sovereignty from those who may misused their authority (Pluto in Capricorn).

This Grand Trine occurs across the 3 Earth Signs. Taurus likes to ‘have’ and create abundance. Virgo likes to serve and create a healthy lifestyle. Capricorn likes to initiate structures to support our Taurus desires and our Virgo lifestyle. Its a GREAT TIME to PLANT seeds for YOUR new lifestyle!!

And so, at 3:29pm on Friday, the Moon at 19:41 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun at 19:41 Taurus.

As they are Conjunct, our emotions (Moon) are in sync with our goals and purpose (Sun). This is how we begin a monthly cycle. In 15 days, at the Full Moon, we can see how we have progressed and how we then ‘feel’ in comparison to what we ‘see.’

But when the New Moon occurs at the end of a Sign, as this one does, the Full Moon energy will be embracing different Sign energies. The Full Moon on May 21 occurs with Moon at 1:14 Sagittarius, Sun at 1:14 Gemini.

This is a different type of energetic pattern. With the New Moons of late, our ‘fresh start’ energy is also a ‘wrap up’ of the Full Moon energies of Apr 22 with Moon at 2:31 Scorpio, Sun at 2:31 Taurus.

Are you able to sense what you need to ‘start fresh’ at the New Moon based on what you saw on the Full Moon?

With this sequence, you will plant the seeds of potentiality and then at the Full Moon take a vacation or get busy with graduation preparations while these seeds germinate and sprout and the wedding and tending begins in more earnest.


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