Attitude Adjustment – May 5

Snapshot: There are 4 aspects on Thursday; 3 of them require an ‘adjustment’ be made. We will have some clarity and realize our desires for a new global philosophy which will need to be adjusted to fit our personal path to freedom as well. And in the midst of the adjustments, we will be able to express what our path to freedom is going to be with some room for revision over the next few weeks. NOTE: Good day for Cinco de Mayo? You know that SOMEONE is going to drag Neptune into the mix in order to make it through these adjustments more easily;)

Here are the details:

At 12:39am (late Wednesday night), the Sun at 15:07 Taurus Quincunx Saturn Retrograde at 15:07 Sagittarius.

This is some adjustment to your ‘abundance philosophy’ and the area where Saturn has held your FOCUS for the last 6 weeks. The Sun will show you clearly what your values and resources ARE and you will need to see how to use your new philosophy to move forward. For instance, I practice going to zero dollars in my pocket just to be surprised by the way the Universe fills the vacuum… and it DOES! My 2nd House (by Sun Sign) of available resources is in Sagittarius so I understand the adjustment the typical Taurus energy needs to make to truly grasp ‘abundance.’ Adjust your need to OWN everything (Taurus) and play with ways of having what you need without the ownership and response-ability that goes with that mindset. Put your focus on your new philosophy and NOT the need to HAVE. Taurus energy is fortunate around shared resources (Sagittarius optimism in their 8th House).

At 2:31am Mercury Retrograde at 21:52 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 21:52 Aries.

A minor, but productive aspect. This is Mercury’s 2nd Semi-Sextile to Uranus with the 1st one occurring on Apr 21 at 21:07, so the same degree. That means there is likely a strong connection to what gets expressed today and on Apr 21, but Thursday’s expression will be some revised version. What resources do you have to help on your personal path to freedom? That will be this aspect expressed in some way.

At 7:10am Mars Retrograde at 6:53 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus at 21:53 Aries.

Mars rules Uranus in Aries and right now Mars is backtracking over our motivations and those of others around sharing of resources and our new abundant philosophy. Make an adjustment here that involves your personal path to freedom and you will create an ease.

At 10:11am Venus at 6:51 Taurus Quincunx Mars Retrograde at 6:51 Sagittarius.

Almost a 3-way aspect, except that Venus is only 15 degrees from Uranus and not really a noticeable energy. So here, once Mars gets the awareness from Uranus, he will be adjusting himself to his desires and available resources for pursuing his path to freedom.

The Big Picture of ALL that is going on right:

There is a Grand Earth Trine involving the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus; Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo; and Pluto in Capricorn.

That is a LOT of EARTHY energy in an EASE aspect to each other. What this means is that it is the PERFECT time to implement your new Lifestyle philosophy as you know where your resources are (Sun in Taurus and Mercury is revising them) and Pluto Retrograde has the authorities who have been overstepping their power over you in a weakened state.

YOU, by help of Uranus in Aries and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius (all fiery and passionate), need to stand up for YOURSELF and break free of any old conditions that made you ‘hate’ or otherwise dislike your ‘work’ or service to others.

It is TIME to move into the new reality (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces) promised at the Solar Eclipse on Mar 8 that was largely hidden from us as it IS Pisces energy. We are now beginning to manifest that promise and see the path leading us to the ‘Fresh Start’ of the Solar Eclipse.

On Friday, we have a New Moon in Taurus (a money House) bringing a monthly ‘fresh start’ around earned income and available resources. With these resources in hand, you will be able to reach some agreements as to what your ‘fresh start’ will be when the Sun Conjuncts Mercury on Monday, May 9.

We are in the midst of manifesting the resources we need to create our new lifestyle. The fall Eclipses have a Solar Eclipse in Virgo, the Sign that EXTERNALIZES Pisces. By that time, your ‘fresh start’ promised on Mar 8 will be in place and you will be moving into a new phase of its progress.

Move with these energies in awareness by following the aspects here and with a Reading when you need one to get back on track or to see what is ahead in your chart.



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