Venus in Taurus and Magic – Apr 30

Snapshot: Just after midnight on Friday night, we have some more ‘magic’ between Mercury, newly Retrograde in Taurus, and Neptune. If it doesn’t feel like magic, it is because you are responding in a 3D way with some subconscious fear. A few hours later, we should feel some ease between our desires and our new FOCUS around our higher consciousness philosophy.

The details:

At 12:18am on Saturday, Mercury Retrograde at 23:30 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 11:30 Pisces.

Mercury  has essentially been Quintile to Neptune since Tuesday when he exacted his 1st Quintile. Mercury’s ‘flip’ in direction was strongly felt yesterday by many. And in a very deep way due to Neptune’s involvement. It is not just our plans that got screwed up, but many of our subconscious fears were made conscious within hours of his Retrograde Station. This has added a new ‘dimension’ to his Retrograde cycle;)

But as Mercury is our conscious mind that verbalizes and rationalizes things, he Retrograde motion seemed to bring forward the energies of all the other Retrograde Planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) and we expressed what was going on with them, too.

We have yet to understand each Planet’s Retrograde purpose, but watch Friday night for what gets expressed and see if you can identify the Planet involved.

Mars rules infections and in Sagittarius, they can get out of hand or be expansive. Saturn rules the skeletal system, skin and the Karmic fear most call ‘cancer.’ We all know that Pluto is an ‘a-hole’, but in Retrograde is a bit weaker, thankfully.

But with Jupiter stalling in the sky for his Direct Station, we are REALLY getting some insight into our new health/fitness/work philosophy that should be our new ‘Lifestyle M.O.’ We need to get out of these Baby-Boomer, suck-the-life-out-of-you ‘jobs’ and our limitless ‘obligations’ to people and move into a more enlightened way of serving the greater good.

Jupiter is in orb of an Opposition to Neptune and may be bringing up escapist health issues such as excessive drinking, drugging, alcoholism, addiction-type issues again. You should be able to resolve some of these issues once and for all.

But Mercury, especially in aspect to Neptune, is where the rubber meets the road around us ‘grasping’ all of these energies and VOICING them.

Its going to be an interesting Retrograde cycle from just the last 24 hours. So sit back and watch the shenanigans and don’t take what you SEE in physical form too seriously. It is our chance to see how to use our Merlin Minds to change things up.

At 4:13am Venus at 0:24 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Retrograde at 15:24 Sagittarius.

Venus ingressed Taurus on Friday and you may have actually felt the energy shift. Where we were hard-charging around pursuit of our desires, we are now ready to sit back in our fluffy recliner, eating grapes, and letting our desires find us. In Taurus, our Venus energies are not ‘trans-gender’ as they are when she was Transiting Mars’ Sign merging both sexual energies. You may or may not be thankful for this, but I am. I like my resources to be more fixed (like Taurus energy) and not have to push so hard for them (like Mars energy).Depending on the House where you have 0 Taurus depends on which area of your life that is affected.

But this aspect has Venus making an adjustment to Saturn’s FOCUS to create an ease. Yesterday, the Sun in Taurus made a double-magic aspect to Saturn so this aspect is maybe Venus getting aligned to the clarity we received yesterday. When she does that, there will be an ease between what we ‘have’ and our new FOCUSED philosophy.

Saturn in Sagittarius is about initiating structures that support our philosophy of abundance. Venus is the girl who rules finances and loves Sagittarius’ optimism and expansion of what she has. So see how you can adjust your values (Venus) to create a more abundant mindset (Sagittarius).

Now the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in the Sign of Taurus. It is nearing the time to plant and to acquire resources through some form of earthy labor.




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