Less is More – Apr 27 & 28

Snapshot: Last night where was some magic around Soulful desires. All day Wednesday, we will be adjusting our goals as hidden motives are now seen. Thursday there may be a touch of wounding pain, but stay in gratitude there will be some healing coming on its heels. In the midst of this, Mercury Stations Retrograde, and the review begins.

Here are the details:

At 9:42pm on Wednesday night, the Sun at 8:13 Taurus Quincunx Mars Retrograde at 8:13 Sagittarius.

Mars in Retrograde through early Sagittarius and late Scorpio (which Mars co-rules) is helping us to review any motives that have been hidden from us or that we simply didn’t see. As these motives are brought into the Sun’s light, we can adjust our goals accordingly.  The Sun in Taurus is helping us to see new ways to acquire our resources and to build foundations to put our personal path to freedom in place. There may be a man (or male energy) in your life that has something to do with this foundation and you need to see his real motives before you build too much.

The thing is, he (or you) may not have intentionally been hiding anything its just that now you too can see what your real motives were.

At 11:14am on Thursday, the Sun at 8:45 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 23:45 Pisces.

There can be an ‘ouch’ in here, but if there is, it is a reminder to view things from your Soul’s perspective. Then you can find the gratitude for that old pain that has allowed you to have this flawed human experience. This aspect is about Soulful Clarity. If you have a fear of lack, then remember the abundance of your Soul Awareness and all will be fine.

At 1:20pm Mercury at 23:36 Taurus Stations Retrograde.

Mercury’s Station still has him within orb of a Quintile to Neptune. What great luck this is!! (Neptune is Conjunct my Natal South Node so I can feel this aspect personally as well.) But the 5D aspect of Mercury to Neptune as he flips direction will allow us to stay in our Higher Mind/Merlin Mind energies without taking the bait of Mercury’s 3D limitations.

We really couldn’t ask for a better aspect to have as Mercury Stations Retrograde. This could allow many to sidestep the pitfalls of ‘planning’ according to Mercury. When Mercury is this far ahead of the Sun, he is at his worst 3D vanity energy. He gets carried away with himself and has to retrace his steps to get back to a more realistic stance.

But making magic to Neptune will allow our conscious (Mercury) and subconscious (Neptune) minds to work magically together so that ‘magic’ is the result of this Retrograde cycle. Let’s go back and ‘fix’ anything that went off track that we would like to see get straightened out…. we have just the energy to do that now.

At 2:04pm Venus at 28:26 Aries Ses-Squares Jupiter Retrograde at 13:26 Virgo.

Jupiter is on the degree of his Direct Station set for May 10. So he is slowing down now for that shift in energy. Venus is near to wrapping up her Transit through Aries and ingress her own Sign, Taurus. But right now she is still an initiating, forceful ‘woman’. That may be the adjustment required here in the Ses-Square. Jupiter is helping us to implement our new Lifestyle philosophy. Venus is about resources and in Aries she is about finding her own path. So you can see there needs to be some adjustment, but it will create an ease.

Jupiter is the Planet of abundance and optimism. Venus is about having our own resources. What game plan can you implement that brings abundance to everyone? Or at least your neck of the woods? We need to ‘serve’ (Virgo) in new ways that creates a new outcome. Less work… less things… more love… more touch… all possible outcomes with this aspect.



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