Magical Expression Creates Abundance – Apr 26

Snapshot: Soulful clarity on Monday morning around our new Lifestyle M.O. and our available resources. On Tuesday, we have a magical aspect between our conscious and subconscious minds as Mercury is slowing down to Retrograde on Thursday. And Tuesday night finds us irritated a bit around the pursuit of our personal desires.

On Sunday night, the Moon was Conjunct Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius. I don’t write much about the Moon as intuition is fine, but the Higher Minds are where our focus should be. Still, the Moon Conjunct Mars was giving us some intuition about areas of motives and ethics that Mars is going back to provide us some pieces of information that we need. Did you notice anything that might have fit this description?

At 10:22am on Monday morning (yes, its already passed), the Sun at 5:48 Taurus Ses-Squared the North Node at 20:48 Virgo.

As mentioned above, this is clarity around your available resources to pursue your new Lifestyle as we leave the Baby-Boomer ‘work ethic’ that Virgo was for them.

Tuesday has a day-long 3-way aspect involving Mercury (communications and ideas), Venus (desires, values, resources) and Neptune (subconscious mind).

At 4:04pm on Tuesday, Mercury Retrograde at 23:26 Quintiles Neptune at 11:26 Pisces.

Mercury is slowing down for his Retrograde Station and things expressed now are likely to be reviewed and redone over the next few weeks, but the magic will certainly linger in your memory as Mercury’s very next aspect upon Retrograding, is a 2nd Quintile to Neptune at 23:30 Taurus. So whatever gets expressed on Tuesday will be under review until just after midnight on Saturday night. The magical aspect should keep Mercury from promising things he can’t deliver…. as is his usual M.O. when he is so far ahead of the Sun.

In a 5D aspect, Mercury can’t help but operate in 5D. Magic between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is the perfect kind of Merlin Mind envelope we watch for. This 5D aspect means that you can actually shift what you SEE (Mercury) in your physical reality by choosing a different outcome from your subconscious reality.

Time to get your Merlin on!! With or without the hat;) There are some magical words that you can use to create a different outcome and to keep Mercury from being the 3D Trickster he is known for. Find the words in Neptune’s depths.

At 11:08pm on Tuesday night, Venus at 26:26 Aries Semi-Squares Neptune at 11:26 Pisces.

Once Venus gets into the energy of Mercury’s aspect to Neptune (at the very same degree and minute), we may feel a slight irritation creep in (Semi-Square). But if we stay in the Merlin/5D energies, we can turn see the irritation coming and shift it up. The subconscious is a powerful resource where every human potential is hidden. If you can learn to draw from its depths and bring up an outcome that you would prefer to see, it begins by shifting a lower Planetary energy into something else.

You have that opportunity here. Venus rules values, resources, beauty, feminine energies, but she is in Mars which rules aggression, courage and male energies. Turn the irritation that could crop up between your inner gender traits into something that represents greater potentiality (Neptune). Where Mercury in 3D creates limitation thinking, Venus can do the same in a hard aspect to Neptune. But use the magic from the aspect above to move into abundance and ease between the gender energies or in a relating-ship.

Learning to play with our subconscious minds and to figure out what it creates what we do see, is all a part of 5D Soul Awareness. Go from irritation to imagination and desire something imaginative.


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