New Lifestyle Desires Expressed NOW!!

Snapshot: Friday was a massive day for awareness around your personal path to freedom and your Soulful new Lifestyle (not work!) M.O. Likely you felt freed from some of the old situations Pluto has had you stuck in over the 3-4 years especially. You now have new desires for the way you want to live and be of service to others moving forward.

Here are the detailed aspects:

3-way Aspect: Venus Conjunct Uranus at 21:11 Aries was Quincunx the North Node at 21:10/21:11 respectively from 1:50 – 5:00pm on Friday.

This was a HUGE adjustment to our new Lifestyle philosophy and our personal path to freedom. We now have adjusted/changed desires to guide us as we implement our new lifestyle. Are we going to ‘slave’ for someone else anymore? NOT LIKELY!! We have seen the light and absorbed Uranian flashes that demand FREEDOM. We are Soulfully ready to serve (North Node in Virgo), but not at the expense of our own path. The new solution MUST make an adjustment so that both can be a part of your life.

Finances (Venus rules Taurus and earned income) play a role in this. Relating-ships and close friends (Venus rules Libra, the Sign of relating-ships) play a role in this. Virgo is Mutable Earth and therefore more readily ‘adjusted’ to Uranus-style awareness and change. What is your new path that helps you create this new lifestyle? That is the answer you can expect to find on Friday afternoon!

Then at 7:18pm on Saturday night, you should have some words that expressed this new path and the financial support to help you achieve it. At least you will know what it is you need to acquire to move forward. But Mercury is still going to review and revise this expression as he Retrogrades. So keep your plans lose and flexible.

All of Saturday you will be absorbing and ACTING on the Soulful flashes of insight you had on Friday. See where your actions are instinctively taking you as it will be a result of your CHANGED DESIRES!

For me, I have been feeling this adjustment between Uranus and the North Node for more than a week. It has me REALLY adjusting the ‘work’ situation that I have as Uranus is in my 6th House by Sun Sign and Virgo is the natural 6th House where the North Node is.

I’m not going to take it anymore! What, you might ask? Well, the place where I have had Pluto Squaring my work over the last few years. You know where this is in your life. Have you found your new answers? Be searching for them this weekend!


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