Challenging Desires Around Intimacy – Apr 19&20

Snapshot: On Tuesday ‘Happy Hour’ time, Venus Squares Pluto creating a challenge around what you want and who wants you as well as what’s yours and what is ours. On Wednesday morning, with a bit of adjustment, you will find an ease of clarity and focus.

If you feel these energies building, below are the specific Astrological details for greater resolution of what is going on.

At 4:51pm on Tuesday, Venus at 17:29 Aries Squares Pluto Retrograde at 17:29 Capricorn.

Pluto is still sitting dead in the sky on the very same degree and minute of his Retrograde Station. His energy is very powerful and has us looking at how we and others in our lives use our power of authority (or misuse it). Pluto is where we share ourselves with others in exchange for the use of their resources.

Venus in Aries has us desiring passion for life… passion for finding our own path while using our personal resources to achieve our passions and freedoms.

The Square is an old 3D aspect that we still feel, but can be mindful of and use to grow rather than respond to any stress that is causes. The growth opportunity here is in finding a way to pursue what ‘we want’ (Venus in Aries), while accommodating anyone who we share resources with and, perhaps, even continuing to maintain some physical intimacy with as well.

As Pluto has just changed direction, there is a chance to really get a handle on what he is going in this area of our lives (where we have 17:29 Capricorn in our charts). He is not so offensive right now, but his stillness can have us unsure. But it is in this stillness that he offers us an opening to create a new way of sharing ourselves with him and using his resources. See where the growth can occur and move towards it.

Yes, keep an eye on him, but don’t react to any old triggers you have around him (those who have been misusing their father-like or public authority over you–they are shown by the House where you have Pluto Transiting right now). Not reacting is the best way to deal with any tough Pluto energies… that is your growth;)

At 8:32am on Wednesday morning, the Sun at 0:51 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Retrograde at 15:51 Sagittarius.

The Sun ingressed Taurus on Tuesday morning and our clarity is now focused on available resources, earned income, our values and self-esteem. Taurus is Fixed Earth energy and Tauruses like to ‘acquire’ things. Here the Sun will provide you with some insight into ways you can go about doing that.

With Mercury preparing to Retrograde in Taurus, we will be revising our ideas around the clarity the Sun is now providing us. The Sun will reach Mercury’s Phase 1, Shadow Phase on May 4 and this is when the revising will begin in earnest.

Saturn in Sagittarius is finally off the degree of his Retrograde Station, but the message is still about FOCUS (accountability) on how to ‘build’ a belief system that keeps us in 5D. This is actually the final phase of the 4th Dimension where, once our Karma is resolved, we need to develop a path to 5D that is our philosophy/hypotheses (Faith-based or Science, they are 2 sides of the same coin). See Video HERE – 4D, Part 2

The Sun and Sagittarius are helping us to see ways to develop abundance as our new philosophy. If we ignore the math we were taught in 3D and 4D schools, we will discover the math of consciousness/5D that is infinite and holographic.



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